Happy Fangsgiving

Welcome back to the Mendeleev legacy, recently under new ownership. As in, Phosphorous Mendeleev is about to take over.


Phosphorous: Well, meeting alone here doesn’t seem shady at all. I’m sure nothing can possibly go wrong.


This is Wogan Hemlock, a vampire. If I’m aiming to get every occult in my legacy (which I am, just for fun) I still need a vampire, a simbot, a ghost, and a mummy. Here’s my chance for a vampire.


While Phosphorous seems intent on marrying the man, Wogan is already in a relationship with Morrigan. We’re not using him as a spouse, anyway. (Belisama’s bimple-pox face is a warning, guys.) We’re just using Wogan for the wonderful vamp venom he’s got in his fangs.

Unfortunately, the option doesn’t show up. Maybe because it’s a public area?


Wogan and Phosphorous head back to the legacy house for a bit of privacy…


And… nothing! They’re friends, but still… wait…

It’s there for Sodium. I think it has something to do with Phosphorous being in imaginary friend. Which is dumb. She should be able to be a vamp in her human form. Sims 2 had vampire ROBOTS for crying out loud!


Oh, look. It seems that Phosphorous has somehow gotten the option to become a vampire. Wonder how that happened. Must have been a glitch, because I would never use Twallan’s stuff for something like that…


Come on! Look how happy she is! DX It’s not my fault!

Phosphorous: YESSSSS!


Luv the face, dear.


Binky attempts to question people but they, like Phosphorous, are more interested in Wogan.

Binky: It’s just one old man.


Nope. Even the deer hates you.


Phosphorous: Wait… I thought it took like three days to turn… I just got bitten last night…

Don’t look at me! I didn’t do this one. Honest.


Phosphorous: Whatever. I’ll bet not-grandpa tastes freaking delicious.


Zhuchka’s feeling lonely so Phosphorous gives her some attention.

Phosphorous: This is how you sit, Zhuchka. Sit.

Zhuchka: Dear mother of doggie-Jesus. Those teeth.


She will drain you like a spider drains a fly. But with blood instead of a smoothie of guts.


I love her eyes. Love them love them love them.


Luckily for us, the horse competitions are hosted after dark. Once Hans is on the right sleep schedule, Phosphorous should be able to compete at 5 and then practice riding until morning.


6th place in an advanced race. We got 100 simoleons.


I don’t know why she’s so freaked out. She’s almost at level five but she’s not comfortable on the horse?


Of course, the night I’m not looking at the house, Kenneth shows up. His name may not actually be Kenneth, but whatever.


Phosphorous talks to him until he disappears. She needs to start building up a relationship with him. I want baby Sulfur on the way, and getting a ghost baby would make 2 occult sims obtained in one generation.


Phosphorous talks to Zhuchka some more.

Zhuchka: Don’t look at the teeth. Don’t look at the dog-awful teeth…


I’m not too worried about Phosphorous outside in the day, because of the moodlet manager. So she won’t starve (sunlight makes them hungrier faster, right?) and she’s fine if she has the house right there.


Shing: I will protect my family from vampires! *kung fu pose*


Shing finished the paintings of everyone but Phosphorous, so Silicon and Aluminum move out. So does Sodium. Actually, she’s going to work.


That awkward moment when you release your spares just before their portraits disappear into the ether.


Um… the good news is we got a horse gnome. His name is Eohippus.


Aluminum and Silicon refuse to come over, so Shing is hunting them down himself.

Next time: portraits finished? Next generation? Ghost baby?


One thought on “Happy Fangsgiving

  1. Love the horse gnome. That ghostly gentleman looks like he has interesting genetics. I want pets, but im hooked on skyrim… ah choices. Love all the updates 🙂

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