Dancing Queen


Sodium: I still got it!

Indeed you do. Check these moves:



Dancing 3 hours straight is thirsty work, so Sodium gets a drink from the bar. It’s called a Pink Bunny.


Sodium: I know why it’s called that! I can see bunnies ALL THE PLACES!

May or may not include acid.


While Sodium’s out all night, Binky actually sleeps. Also, he has a new boss. Who is it? Me. My simself, at least.


That’s right! Read that book! Then maybe I’ll promote you. XD


Sodium: Cameo on Broadway? Well, I’m kind of far away from New York but sure.


This kid brought his cat to the pet store. It’s one I made before pets was out, when there was only the create-a-pet demo. He’s based off of the Japanese flag.


Zhuchka: I’m hunting for bats!


Or, you know… a feather…


This interaction is like the stroller interaction. Adorable, but it will take you FOREVER to get where you’re going.


Cross-eyes means that it’s Binky’s birthday. He looks exactly the same though so whatever.


This bartender is unremarkable except for her muscly arms and that she shares my first name.


Zhan! Don’t cross over to the dark side!


The time has come for the triplets to graduate from Smugglesworth Prep. Here’s Aluminum all grown up. He’s Ambitious now, which he gained from the school.


Silicon is now a snob. :/


Phosphorous is charismatic. She’s also the heiress. I considered double heirship, but I realized that one of two things would happen:

-Silicon and Phosphorous would be heiresses and I would have TWO LTWs that I’ve never done and need to figure them both out.

-Aluminum and Phosphorous would be heirs and I would need to take up an extra space with his spouse. I would rather fill the house with pets and babies, honestly.


Phosphorous’s first action as a YA is with Hans. Next time… stuff happens.

Generations born: 4
Portraits painted: 17 (um… I think…)
LTWs: 6
Over 100,000 LTH: 4?
Total: 31


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