The Horse, The Vampire, and The Ravager

Yesterday we put on the murder mystery that I co-wrote for the first time ever. In the world! ^-^ And I also got accepted into my top-choice college yesterday. Since I don’t have anything to do until 5:00 tonight (Saturday night showing, I’m pumped!) I had some free time to play sims.


Did you know you can hack into the computer and put  yourself on the list for the VIP section in a club? I learned it just now… after Sodium got famous enough to get into all the clubs anyway.


Nitrogen took the pets out to the park. How did they get there so fast? Dogs and HORSES can use the subway. XD


They slept the entire time they were out there, which would bug me if it took a long time to get to the dog park. But since it takes only a short time I think they’ll be going out more often.


Since I’m pretty sure at this point that Phosphorous is going to be heiress (going to keep it up until they’re adults though) I got out the grave that Magnesium stole a while ago. Ghost babies plz?


Phosphorous: Hans, what are you doing out in the dog park, of all places, all alone?

The equestrian center is right across the street. I think we’ll be going there a lot.


Phosphorous: How is this happening?

One of the powers of being Death’s granddaughter?


Gah! You can’t take screenshots of the actual races, which basically shows you what place your in and gives you options for how you’ll race (steady, take risks, or go for broke). So I’ll just have to tell you how the horse competitions go.


First place, and 100 simoleons, which is not a lot towards the 40,000 we need but I’m assuming prize money goes up as you move up from beginner races. At one point they got up to being in second, though. ^-^


Hans turns into a demon thing and they ride through the subway.


Hans: I can’t get out!

Oh dear.


He backs through the side of the subway and keeps going backwards as they leave the lot. I swear, pet routing is lulzy.


Sodium’s still not doing well in school so Shing grounds her. Moodlet manager gets rid of being grounded because it’s awesome.


Hans has the ‘unsaddle me’ moodlet even though the saddle is off. *facepalm*

*removes moodlet with cheats*


Sodium’s taken to looking really upset all of the time now that she’s older. Constant mid-life crisis animations all over the place.


Hans: Jumping competition?

That’s next on the list.


Silicon passes out after getting out of the bath. I was worried she wouldn’t put clothes on before passing out, but she put on her clothes and walked halfway across the house before she went down.


More demon horse.


Unfortunately, the jumping competition did not go as well as the race did. Last place.


In addition to ghosts, I’m also looking at adding vampires to the legacy for this generation in my attempt to get all of the possible occult types in the legacy. Sodium goes to make friends.

Belisama: Dad, that movie I saw was so racist. The vampires were SPARKLING.

Wogan: Like disco balls?


I don’t know why 4-star Sodium needs to impress 1-star Morrigan, but she does.


Sodium: Phosphorous is planning to marry one of these bloodsuckers?

Belisama: HAHAHA! The visitor made mommy forget that it’s past my bedtime!



Sodium: Why do I need to impress you again?


It was getting hard to keep track of everyone and the kids are doing bad in school anyway, so they’re being sent to Smugglesworth Prep School. The school sends not one, but three limos to take the kids.


Did they not know the three Mendeleevs a lived together, or are they just trying to show off with three limos and give us FANCINESS OVERLOAD.


Nitrogen and Zhuchka hang out together while NItrogen waits to die. Sad smile She’s getting up there. But I heard pets can challenge Death to save their owner?



In other news, Sodium is still sad about getting older.


And Shing continues to paint hot women and… tentacles?


Loving Nitrogen before she dies/keeping her mind off of the most recent lady-painting.




Hans: I saw a hot mare at the races with these WICKED LONG EYELASHES.

Zhuchka: Autumn leaves speech bubble! I hope that means we’re getting seasons and weather! Open-mouthed smile


Since the only person that pays attention to Hans is gone, Zhuchka is now his official friend for when he is lonely.


Sodium: I invited Morrigan over, but she left right away because  I’m FAAAT! Crying face

Are not.


She calls up Morrigan on the phone.

Sodium: Wogan has a rocket? Oh… his ROCKET! I understand now. Maybe I’ll talk to my husband about HIS rocket later. Winking smile

As long as the media doesn’t slander you for it again. I’m just happy I haven’t seen reference to gardening in a while now.


Then the paparazzi comes to take pictures.

Guy: This is great! I can sell these pictures to the ‘Women Crying in Their Underwear’ calendar! It’ll make the 2012 edition for sure!


Guy: Yeah, baby! More despair!


Sodium: Going in a calendar? Oh my Flying Spaghetti Monster! Do I look fat?



It might take me a while to do the next chapter. I’ve got scholarship and college things to do, but also… Nitrogen is at the end of her life bar. It feels like yesterday I took this video!


3 thoughts on “The Horse, The Vampire, and The Ravager

  1. Aww… I don’t want Nitrogen to go! Vampires are cool, but I get bored because they skill so quickly then NEVER DIE. lol I can’t wait to get pets installed! I’m buying it today. 🙂 The demon horses have me a little freaked out, though. lol

    • When I get bored I’ll use the antidote thing. It’s more about completing the set of occult sims than actually having a vampire.
      … I need to try to get a mummy and a simbot, though…

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