So Sophisticated

Alternate title: Sleep-Deprivation Awareness Chapter


Silicon: Love is for the weak.

Welcome back to the Mendeleev legacy! This chapter may be a bit incoherent because the past two months of being like a little energinzer bunny going on and on and on is starting to take its toll and I’m exhausted. CHAPTER.


Phosphorous is still exploring tombs and stuff and she found more dead things.


You have no idea how hard it was to take this picture. The tomb kept going wonky like the museum did. Then I didn’t realize that there was no actual hole in the wall and that I needed to take the picture with walls down.


That night, a French unicorn spawns!


And it just got 20% cooler in ten seconds flat!!!

His name is Benny.


Silicon: Uuuunicooooorn…



Benny: I’ll plant another tree, then. That will solve the problem.


Remember how there was that other picture and I was like OMG THIS IS THE BEST SILICON PICTURE.

That picture can take a hike, guys.


Benny: POOF.


Then they left France but I don’t have a picture of that so enjoy these adorable puppies that are running in synch!


Nitrogen: If Shing can paint hot women, then buy god I can sculpt hot men and he can’t say anything about it.

Yes, I see the typo. No, I’m not going to change it.


Theo: My wife!

Lithium: I saw the negative ghost reaction a few seconds ago. Don’t think you can fool me.

I almost typed full. Aahhhh I’m tired.


Nitrogen: Mom, tell Death that I’m almost ready to meet him.

Lithium: I’m not going to help my baby girl hook up with the personification of death!

Nitrogen: Mooom, I’m not a baby! I’m almost 80 for crying out loud!

Sometimes I forget that she’s old because her hair was white to begin with.


Nitrogen: Bad dog! Don’t pee in here!

Like the humans in the household don’t leave TWICE as much pee on the floor. I’m just nice and don’t show the failures all the time.


Look! A stray dog was spawned on the moon!

I guess he’s a lunar rover? Ahahaaa…


Stray dog: I can’t get past this paper on the ground!


He turns around and goes around it backwards.

Stray dog: Beep beep beep


Zhuchka: OMG A HOT DOG! (Hot dog. LOL) I need my makeup!

Not even sure if that’s a boy dog or a girl dog.


Sodium: Birthday!!!


Sodium: What happened to my hair?

I will fix it! I will also make her look all sophisticated because she’s a celebrity and she’s getting older I FEEL SO OLD! Crying face My little baby all grown up!


Also Hans lost his untrained trait because Phosphorous trained him.

Phosphorous: Aw yeah.


Sodium, why are you displeased? You look so sophisticated! Sophisticated as hell. With a monocle. Hell wearing a monocle and a top hat.

Sodium: Because…


Sodium: You can’t wear gold and silver together. Genius.

SHUT UP I WAS/AM TIRED! And the people who say you can’t wear silver and gold together also said you can’t wear meat in dress form. We are breaking boundaries, Sodium! It’s what celebrities do!

And why is there a Christmas song called ‘Silver and Gold’ if they don’t go together? HUH? EXPLAIN THAT.


The bartender spills the drink and sets fire to the table.


Bar dude man: Actually I made the drink appear due to the magic of GLITCHES.

Sodium: Impressive.


Guys I had my first alcoholic drink today except without the actual alcohol and it was weird. There was salt on the outside and my mouth tasted salty afterwards and I’M GOING TO BED NOW GOODNIGHT Z
ZZZZZZZZ! Sleeping half-moon


6 thoughts on “So Sophisticated

  1. haha love the chapter! You should get a unicorn in your household!
    Also, I’m super jealous because I’m in college and have no time to play the Sims… so your stories make me happy

  2. I feel you on the sleepiness. I’m exhausted, and I still have to plan a bday party for a four-year-old THIS SUNDAY. The lunar rover comment made me lol. I’d love to say I’m going back to bed now, but I’m actually getting ready for work. Loved this chapter!

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