This is a crappy little glitch-ridden chapter to go up before my Halloween chapter, which is hopefully a thing that will happen, seeing as I kind of missed other holidays. :/


I feel like I ignore my potential male heirs, so I decided I would focus on Aluminum for now. Here he is being annoyed by Zhuchka, who is squeaking on her toy. SQUEAK SQUEAK

Obviously, somebody who helped make the game owns a dog.


Aluminum: She also peed on the floor of my room.


Zhuchka: There’s enough puddles here to fill a pool!

To be fair, just about everysim is having bladder failure.

Game: FREEZE Just kidding


Aluminum: Maybe I’ll just hang out with the dog…



Aluminum: I feel like I’ve finished this painting a million—


At this point, I considered moving the Mendeleevs to another world, or at least a clean version of the moon. But that would mean I have to pack all of the museum paintings into the family’s inventory and move the museum along with the house, which is just tedious. So I tried some less drastic measures: removing my mods (even though the game worked with them earlier) and saving the game with a different name.


It seems like it’s working, but I won’t get my hopes up until the family makes it through the night.


I also deleted some of the newer CC I downloaded, in case that might help. So Silicon is missing her hair. I’ll give her a different style once I’m sure the game won’t freeze again.


Silicon: At least one of us can have nice hair.


Everyone stops to stare at Lithium. WAGH GHOST REACTIONS.


Finally, after being stuck in the same 2-3 hours, a new day dawns on the Mendeleev household.


I can change Silicon’s hair without being worried about it being a waste of time, although she has to do it at a mirror like normal people.


And now it’s time for Hans’ birthday!


Epic birthday animation!


This is still supposed to be an Aluminum chapter, although glitches kind of killed that. But here’s a picture of Aluminum painting a fruit.


And going to bed in his formalwear!

Next time, a very special Halloween chapter which will (hopefully) be up in time for the actual holiday!


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