Who Let The Dogs Out?


New expansion? First thing to do is check that my sims can still talk to each other.



Shing: Are you guys talking about me?


I placed the super special pet store in the town, too, but it’s too late in the day so no checking out the pet store until tomorrow. Sad smile


But we have a periodic table now, so that’s cool. Open-mouthed smile


The new expansion also added ice cream trucks, apparently. It stops in front of the house at around midnight.

Free ice cream, you say? This looks legit.


Shing heads over to the pet store as soon as it opens, but apparently you can only buy pet supplies and not actual pets. I still got a good look at some of the adorabibble little animals, though.


Cute little chipmunk.


Cute little snake.


Cute little bird. Open-mouthed smile


I finally realized that you had to use the phone, but adopting a pet wasn’t under services for some reason. It has its own little bubble thing.


Ice cream is eaten while we wait for the new doggie to arrive.


She’s lovely. Her name is Zhuchka, and virtual dog cookies go to anyone who knows where I got her name from.

What a cute little puppy! What an adorable…




WTF is this???


Zhuchka: I’s still adorable? Woof!

Fun fact: Whenever Zhuchka barks, my real life dog barks back.


Nitrogen: What a cute little puppy!

Zhuchka: *noms arm*

This dog is part hellhound, I swear.


Since Zhuchka’s main food source seems to be pain and blood, Nitrogen teaches her how to hunt. Which actually involves finding rocks and stuff, but whatever.


Hey, let’s spend some time with the humans in the family! Remember those? I didn’t!

Silicon: Have you seen how grandma and grandpa are arguing lately? That’s why I think men are too much trouble… present company excluded, of course.


Silicon: Also, I want a new house that’s not on the moon.

Zhuchka: Hey, I can’t get in here.

What… you can’t talk!

Zhuchka: I can do what I want.

Next chapter should be up soon. I just took so many pictures that it had to be split in two.


5 thoughts on “Who Let The Dogs Out?

  1. Wasn’t Zhuchka the Russian space dog? My boyfriend says it was named Laika, but I remember it as Zhuchka. Either way, this was a fun peek at Pets and my real-life pet snake looks just like the one in the picture. Can’t wait to see how the Mendeleevs get along with pets!

    • When looking it up I found ‘Zhuchka’ as one of the dog’s nicknames or something like that (there were a whole bunch of names for this dog), but that’s not THE reason their dog is named Zhuchka.

      Although having the Mendeleev moon dog have the same name as a space dog is a pretty awesome coincidence.

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