Think of the Children!

Remember how last chapter was a complete and total Sodium-fest? This chapter has some other people in it.


I think Phosphorous is easily the pissiest kid I’ve ever gotten. Berry just sort of never smiled, but Phosphorous goes around actively making these faces, like she’s disgusted at the world.


Silicon: Today the teacher is going to be talking about lunar mythology.

Aluminum: Have we even been on the moon long enough to have actual myths in lunar society?

Silicon: Shut up, I need to hear about something… anything… that doesn’t relate to technology.


Phosphorous: *glare*


Then Nitrogen reads a bedtime story to Aluminum, which is why Sodium and Binky couldn’t use their bed and had to go out to the town hall instead, leading to the slander and the court case.

Moral of the story: Don’t read to your kids because your daughter will end up in court explaining to everyone that it is OKAY for her to woohoo her own husband. Nine times out of ten.




I’m not sure what is going on here, but the fact that she is wearing only an apron makes me feel like it was inappropriate for Shing to pain this in a house full of children.


Of course, I hung it up.

Aluminum: I like your painting, Grandpa.

Sodium: You’d better be talking about some painting which does not feature nudity, Aluminum. You’re not allowed to look at that painting until you’re older.

It sort of creeps me out so I think I’m going to take it down and sell it soon.


Shing’s next masterpiece is LESBIANS.

This one, I am keeping. For sure.


Nitrogen: Shing, why do you paint pictures of mostly-naked people and lesbians, but not me? Do you only paint hot women now? Do you think I’m not hot?


So Shing agrees to paint Nitrogen. On her terms.

Nitrogen: Ready for my close-up.

If apron-chick has not thoroughly scarred the young children, this painting certainly will.


Okay… you can put your clothes on now.

Nitrogen: Make me.


Sodium: I just got a promo—MOM!!!

Nitrogen: Sodium, relax. I’m going to die soon, and I want to make sure I look smoking when your father comes to pick me up.

Sodium: You just made it even worse. I… I’m going to a bar now. I’m going to need SO MUCH alcohol to get over this.


Shing’s painting doesn’t look like it’s turning out very well.


Yeah, it’s crap.


Back to painting things well again. I’m not sure what’s going on in this picture and I don’t really care. All I know is there’s a bunch of girls and they’re all painted way better than the picture of Nitrogen was.

Nitrogen will not be happy when she sees this.


Hey Ellie!

All the ghosts hang out in the study/game room, which could probably just be called the ghost room.


Phosphorous: That painting creeps me out. And it takes a lot to creep me out.

Definitely taking it down.


He paints other women.
My husband paints other women.
Then he painted me but it was crap and he just went back to painting some other chicks
I got the “My Husband’s Not Interested Anymore and Shows It Through His Paintings’” Blues!

Next chapter, I will hopefully have Pets, and will hopefully have my research paper for Biology finished. ^_^


3 thoughts on “Think of the Children!

  1. I got the “My Husband’s Not Interested Anymore and Shows It Through His Paintings’” Blues! LOL I love Nitrogen so much, still. Ugh, biology 😦 Right now, I’m taking abnormal psychology, which is fun, but research papers still suck 😦 Can’t wait to see the Mendeleevs with pets!!

    • Ooh abnormal psych! 😀 I wish I could take psychology this year, but my school only offers on psychology course. 😦 AP Bio is pretty fun too, though, so I can’t complain. I knew what I was getting into when I signed up.

      • I’m just under a year away from my bachelor’s, and I’m majoring in psych, so I have a lot of interesting courses coming up! I actually really love biology, but environmental science was one of my favorite courses ever. What was super funny about it was that my professor was a huge hippy named Cliff Blizzard. Names do not come much more environmentally focused than that! lol

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