Being A Celebrity

I had to split my pictures into two chapters, since it was getting very long and there were two separate things bordering on storylines which were happening. So this chapter and the next chapter are happening at around the same time. Smile


Daughter of Death leaving for work as an actress at five in the morning while the ghost of her (some number of greats) grandfather naps on the couch?

My Life Is Mendeleev.


Sodium: Ew, a ghost!

Go to work.


Absolutely nothing happens while Sodium’s at work, so we’ll start off when she goes to complete a celebrity opportunity at a club. Surprisingly, she doesn’t have to dance. She has to order a drink.


Sodium has a little trouble with the elevator.


Make that a lot of trouble.


Sodium: So I’m alone in a bar and the bartender hands me a drink that has a heart sticking out of it?

This cannot possibly be shady. Not at all.


Sodium: Thish drink makesh me feel funny…

Bartender: That’s perfectly normal.

Sodium: Yeah, well I jusht had to order the drink, not drink it. I’ma goin’ home now…


Sodium: Hey, did the room alwaysh shpin like thish…


Binky: How was your day at work, honey?

Sodium: Hell if I can remember, but I know the besht place to woohoo.


So they went to the town hall. Which is underground.


Then Sodium had to sue for slander when the paparazzi blabbed about Sodium woohooing the ‘occult’.

Sodium: I won, of course. My entire defense was ‘It’s my husband, you buttwipe.’


Sodium: Wow, everyone’s at Alpha One tonight! And by everyone I mean one coworker who constantly tries to flirt with me.


Sodium: Look, I’m super flattered by how you flirt with me, but you’re married to my boss and I kind of don’t want to get fired.

Pablo: I don’t get it.

Sodium: I’m not interested. And if you don’t stop flirting with me, I’m going to sic my dad on you. My dad is Death. So yeah.


Pablo: Okay, well can I buy you a drink (and sneak some drugs into it)?

Sodium: Not falling for that again. 🙂


Surprisingly, they get to be almost friends and Pablo never really flirted with her once!


Then the next day, Sodium got a promotion and got her fourth celebrity star. One more to go!


Sodium: Hey, I got a promotion! I know we don’t talk much, so do you want to go to a club with me to celebrate?

Silicon: Um… no? I want to go out and look for the unicorns I hear live on the moon, otherwise known as moonicorns.


So she goes out by herself instead.

Sodium: Unicorns… kids can be so silly sometimes… Everyone knows that unicorns are servants of the Invisible Pink Unicorn, who plans to steal followers away from the Flying Spaghetti Monster.


Remember back in Twinbrook when I was freaking out because I saw a limo? Well, Sodium rides in a limo now because she’s famous. How far we have come.


Oh and also I’m on the Moon. Apparently. Hopefully my simself will make lovely babies which might get married into the legacy at some point, because she didn’t seem to do much in the last game file.

Next time: Nitrogen and Shing and a little bit about the kids.


One thought on “Being A Celebrity

  1. A couple of your pics near the beginning aren’t working for some reason!

    LOL I love this: Sodium: I won, of course. My entire defense was ‘It’s my husband, you buttwipe.’

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