To The Moon!

So it’s time for another chapter of the Mendeleev…


Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. What is going on here?

Sodium: Uh… it’s not what it looks like.

It better not be.


Binky and Sodium being all romantic, because I don’t think Binky showed up even once last chapter.


Binky: Hey, bb. We never really got a honeymoon, did we? Do you wanna fix that?


Sodium: Ooooo! Let’s go to France!


The game took me to France but left my sims behind. Repeatedly. This is reason number one for moving. Reason number two is the legacycest which is beginning to happen in my game. Reason number three is this:


The Moon. Short of a world shaped like the periodic table, this is the perfect world for the Mendeleev family to live in.

The difficulties I had with moving the family into the game bin cemented my decision to move them again.



Ah, the moon. The Mendeleevs were invited to live on the new moon base because founder Ellie Mendeleev’s work at the science facility helped to make this dream possible. Ellie helped to design the artificial atmosphere which surrounded the base and made it possible to breathe.


Some members of the family were happy with this.

Phosphorous: It’s barren and lifeless, like my soul. Smile


Others were not, especially those who were technophobes.

Silicon: Oh my god, there’s technology here. Oh my god. We were in a rocket. And there’s technology to let us breathe. Oh my god.

/end story time.


This never actually happened because this was in the save before I realized that the paintings don’t travel with the Mendeleev Museum (I fixed it, don’t worry.) I just had to keep this because it’s really pretty.


Somehow both Aluminum and Shing became celebrities while they were doing this.


Binky: What are you doing, honey?

Silicon: Writing about where you’re forcing me to live so I can send it to Earth and the social worker will take me away from here.

Buzzler’s scribbling pad is the technophobic writer’s dream.


I made some of the bin sims into celebrities, so Sodium goes out to meet them, and promptly turns into a screaming fan girl.

Okay, let’s try to impress the husband, now.


Pablo: Maybe you could impress me if you… Flirt male Winking smile

Sodium: Ew, no. I’m married.


Pablo: Maybe we could go on a date sometime and I could change your mind?

Sodium: Are you for real?


Ha ha, Pablo. Your wife is mad at you now.


I have Sodium flirt with him just to see if it will help us befriend him faster. And therefore help us be able to leave him faster.

Pablo: I’m married!



Pablo: Sodium, babe, are you sure you don’t want me to show you a good time?

Sodium: This is just creepy now.

I think we will stick to befriending him over the phone.


When I check back on the family, Binky is dripping wet with toilet water. Okay.

Don’t want to know.


Phosphorous: *evil face* I feel like being a little bitch today.


Binky: Hey, honey. Want me to read you a bedtime story?

Phosphorous: Hell no.

I didn’t even know they could refuse.

Binky: Sad smile


Silicon: You can read me a bedtime story if you want, Daddy.



Hey Zhan! How do you like the moon? Open-mouthed smile

Next time: checking out some of the clubs on the moon.


One thought on “To The Moon!

  1. I swear for a whole second there I was all- “that’s not the moon! That’s clearly planed earth! What’s it doing up there in the sky? Who would make such an obvious mistake!”
    Then I understood and felt dumb.

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