Telekinesis and Other Things

I’m back in my house right now! Open-mouthed smile We now have gas going to the stove and hot water going to the sinks, so it’s livable. I know I said it would probably be a few weeks, but the hot water heater got put in a lot sooner than expected. I was actually here since yesterday afternoon, but I was tired and I had homework. Homework that I should be doing right now.


Silicon: Look! The block remains in my hand and defies gravity despite the fact that I’m not gripping it!


Silicon: Doesn’t that intrigue you?

Aluminum: Hush, I’m composing a symphony.

I was going to name the chapter baby geniuses, but I realized I already did that.


Anyway, the family is settling into the new house.


As are the ghosts.


Ellie: Why didn’t we have any of these things back when I was alive?

Because the family was broke when you were alive.


Zhan: OMG! It’s Sodium Mendeleev!

Yeah, it’s not like you don’t see her all the damn time whenever you haunt the place.

Sodium still hasn’t changed out of her pregnancy pants. :/ The motive mobile keeps her motives up so she really has no need to shower or sleep.


Here’s a reason for her to get changed! Sodium’s agent wants Sodium to work out for four hours because Sodium is too fat to be an actress, apparently.

Stupid society and it’s stupid unachievable ideals of what a woman should look like. Stupid.


Hey, look! An emperor of evil!

I need some sims that glow red at some point in the legacy. Evil sims, plz?


Kids playing at the block table shot. They’re giving conspiratorial glances at each other. Probably planning something through telepathy.

Sneaky little devils.


Phosphorous: Now, Silicon, let me demonstrate how I, too, can cause a block to levitate.




Aluminum: Isn’t it obvious, Phosphorous? Our increased mental capacity, combined with the tendency for supernatural powers to be attributed to children born in a set of multiples, such as ourselves, have made us prime candidates for such powers as telekinesis.


Silicon: If that is the case,  let us agree that we shall not use these powers to acquire bottles or change diapers. I do so love seeing the adults scramble!

Aluminum: Agreed.

Sneaky little #F@&!


While her children are scheming, Sodium is trying to befriend my simself.

Sodium: You’re a false god meant to steal followers from Our Noodly Creator, but we can still be buds, right?

Simself: Annoyed


Sodium: Here’s a book.

She knows the way to get back on my good side.





Everybody was pillow fighting (hi-YAH)
Those cats were fast as lightning
In fact it was a little bit frightening
But they fought with expert timing


Phosphorous: MY GRANDFATHER IS THE PERSONIFICATION OF DEATH. I DEMAND That you bring me sustenance.

She did the Voice.


And the nursery is in chaos.

Nitrogen: That  puddle is from the babies. I swear.

Right. It’s a good thing it’s time for birthdays. Open-mouthed smile

Okay, the triplets have been around for, like, two chapters and are becoming kids, but it’s only because I want the little &$&@#Q! angels to be able to feed themselves.


Aluminum is now an insane artistic genius.

I am pleased that his traits fit together so well. There have been plenty of those throughout history, yes?


Silicon is now a technophobe.

I’m not sure how this child could be born from two computer whiz parents.


Sodium: Is she disqualified from being heir? It’s a science legacy right? She must be disqualified or something.

Science and technology are not necessarily the same thing, so no. There are still plenty of natural sciences Silicon may follow if she so chooses. And don’t be mean to Silicon. She didn’t choose her trait.


And Phosphorous rolled inappropriate.

I don’t really have much to say about that at the time being.

Um, next time the kids will not be having a birthday, which is nice.


5 thoughts on “Telekinesis and Other Things

  1. hey! i absolutely adore your legacy. it inspied me to play my own. 🙂 i cant wait for the next update!!!
    where do you get your painting default replacements? thanks! 🙂

  2. LOL The telekinesis is probably a direct result of their Grandfather being Death. Sometimes when your closely related to forces of nature you get magical powers.

    • Their grandfather is the Grim Reaper, their father an Imaginary Friend, the whole Mendeleev (and Wainwright) families are made of supergeniuses who were born with white hair genes (Ellie is a redhead but she was the only one) and the rest of the genepool is from Shang Sim La where they re likely also very smart. People and sims get psychic powers from being very smart.

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