Three’s Company

Sadness and gladness.

Sadness: Hurricane Irene had a love affair with my house, and infected my house with hurricane STDs. Symptoms include no heat, no hot water, and no use of the stove. Also fungus growing down there. So I’m not in my house right now, and it takes about 45 minutes to get to school from here. With school, band practice, auditioning for the murder mystery, and my brother’s football practice, plus the ride there and back, I don’t know how much free time I’ll have or how tired I’m going to be. So I’m going to put my legacies on hold until I’m back home, which should be in a couple weeks.

Gladness: I’m going to be getting Sims 3 Pets when it comes out! 😀

Back to your (ir)regularly scheduled legacy chapter:


There’s one last portrait left to do, and I’m being picky about it. The glasses are cut off the edge. Try again.


That’s even worse. And the lighting is all weird.


While Shing paints a third portrait, Sodium has to befriend Neon for a celebrity opportunity.


Sodium: We have a nice new house now. It’s super cool.


Sodium: And mom’s getting really good with her music.

Marta: Uncle Neon, can you read me a bedtime story?

Neon: Read it yourself, you little brat.

Then Sodium gets kicked out because it’s like five in the morning.


She promptly goes into labor on the curb.

Get to the hospital! Neon hates kids, and we’ll never get a good relationship with him if you bring one into the world on his doorstep!


Sodium: I got twins and a bonus child.

Triplets! And they’re all geniuses! Open-mouthed smile


Sodium: The third one didn’t fit, so I had to stuff her in as best I could.

I thought I took a picture of Aluminum, but it didn’t save. Anyway, Aluminum is the first child, a boy, and his second trait is artistic. His favorite color is green.


The second baby is a girl named Silicon. Her second trait is clumsy and her favorite color is purple.

The third baby is…


Wait. Nitrogen just maxed her drum skill, thus completing her LTW!

Where was I, again?


Phosphorous: I feel unloved.

Right. The youngest is Phosphorous. Her second trait is grumpy and her favorite color is black. She was born goth. She took way longer than the other kids to be born and she was the one that was impaled by the baby basket.


Since Nitrogen no longer has anything to do, she’s the family babysitter now.


Shing can’t do it because his paintings suck. How in the world did he master the painting skill?


Sodium went to the graveyard to clear out all of the graves in the mausoleum, and it looks like a new Grim Reaper statue spawned. If Mags was still in the household, I could make a whole army of Reaper statues!


Please do it right this time.


This is what Nitrogen and Binky do while their spouses are painting and chatting up celebrities, respectively.


Sodium: I made nooboos!

Nooo! Sodium! He doesn’t like kids!


Neon is surprisingly fine with talking about Sodium’s babies, though.


Shavonne: *pushes up against Neon* How’s it going?

The tradition of creepy paparazzi continues.


We’re just sort of desperate at this point.


Sodium: I like CDs and… hey, look. We’re friends!

Cool. Let’s go home and give Nitrogen a break.


That’s… I stopped caring what it looks like, because it doesn’t look like Shing is ever going to do a good job.


The Sodium and Binky exhibit, a work in progress. If they get anything good as celebrities I might put that in as well.


Prom picture!


Oh, and Helium died. I don’t know how he was alive for so long. Helium had no children or even a partner. Sad smile


The next day, Sodium does some socializing with celebrities before the triplets have their birthday party.


Triple birthday! And there’s Aluminum.


My simself actually stayed for the party, although she was more interested in the bass than the kids.


Um… Aluminum somehow inherited the black streaks that Sodium dyed in her hair when she became an adult.


Silicon got it too. I think they both got the ginormous eyes that most of Lithium’s kids had, so that’s making a comeback.

You know what else came back?


WHITE HAIR.  Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile


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