Casa de Mendeleev


Wedding time means party time, so Sodium calls everyone up for a party.


Sodium: Wait… what’s with the weird music and why aren’t I moving?


Sodium’s pregnant, but she gets to keep her hoodie! Her awesome skull pants have to go away until after, though.


After the pregnancy pop, Sodium finally gets a celebrity opportunity that doesn’t have to deal with dancing at the club. She has to entertain some sick kids.

Sodium: Hey. I don’t have to. I want to. I’m a nice person like that.


Sodium: I entertained the sick right out of those kids. Now it’s time for my party.


First, she has to break the news of her pregnancy to Binky.

Sodium: Babe, I’m expecting.

Binky: In just a few hours, we’ll be able to test the ghost potion and see if it fulfills the Gold Digger LTW. For science!


Awesome wedding dress.


Boron is… Boron, even as an elder.

Boron: I can still rock the short-shorts and knee-high boots.

No, honey. No you can’t.


Hydrogen and Helium show up in the same top.

Who wears it better?


And this is our new paparazzi, Shavonne, who showed up uninvited, wearing a leather jacket.


Enough of the guests. It’s time for Binky and Sodium to get married!

Sodium, by the way, is wearing skull-y jewelry to keep her father close even though he couldn’t make it to the wedding.


What a loving couple. Red heart


You may now kiss the bride!


I love this picture. Binky’s expression is adorable.


Now it’s time to test out the ghost potion! The family is worth, like, 200,000 simoleons, and the ‘rich and famous’ LTW said rich was being worth 100,000 simoleons, so I think Sodium counts as rich.


Binky: I don’t like art!

Conclusion: Experiment has failed… ore maybe they have to have the money in the family funds for it to work?


Oh well. You know what would be awesome? A better house. A better house would be awesome.


So welcome to Casa de Mendeleev! I built it on another 60×60 lot after moving Oxygen in with Helium.

It’s got 3 different bathrooms, 5 bedrooms (3 are for future children and unfurnished), a nursery, a laundry room, and it took me all afternoon to make. I even did some landscape things, which I completely neglected with the previous Mendeleev houses. I would have to say that it is the best house that I have ever built.

Without further ado, here’s the tour.


Front entrance, just a place to connect the other rooms with a few seats for sitting and talking. Down the hallway are the three empty rooms reserved for future Mendeleev children.


The nursery is furnished for a maximum of three infants, so we will be well prepared. It is possible to have four infants at a time, but I will do my best to make sure that doesn’t happen.


Dining room and kitchen area. There are two smaller dining tables rather than one big one because that leaves more open room in the middle and will hopefully help with traffic.


The blue bathroom is attached to the dining room.


Off the main entrance, we have the art/music room, which also has a chess board because there was a space. I tried to keep the room bright so portraits will look good.


This is the black and white bathroom, which is connected to the art room.


A little reading nook inside of the study/game room.


Here’s the other side of the room. Two desks have been put together to make one big desk. The laptops will be moved when the desk is needed for homework.

Sodium: I approve of these computers.


Sodium and Binky’s room. The walls are covered in sci-fi posters and there are two arcade games, as Sodium would have wanted.


This is the heir bathroom, which is connected to the current heiress’s room and the past heiress’s room.


The room that Nitrogen and Shing share. I wasn’t sure what to do with it, so there are paintings of robots.


This is a little room for the back entrance, where all of the outdoorsy things are stored. There are also some strollers on the other side of the room.


The last room on the first floor is the laundry room.




The other half of the backyard. The graves are in the corner.


The second floor is divided into two sections. The first has the inventing bench and sculpting starion.


The second, through this little ‘hallway’ has a telescope, a chemistry table, and a fish tank.


So that’s the end of the tour and the chapter. But before I forget, Shing should be having his elder birthday. He’s had zero days until aging up for a while now.


Aw. I think he makes a sweet-looking old man.

Next time: Baby? Plural of baby?


3 thoughts on “Casa de Mendeleev

  1. Quite a few things in this made me LOL and I needed that today, so thanks!

    I especially enjoyed the random brown toilet in the black-and-white bathroom and “I wasn’t sure what to do with it so there are paintings of robots.” I wasn’t sure if that was INTENDED to be funny, but I always add random robots to anything that seems plain, so it was really funny to me. 🙂

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