The Joy of Fame


It’s time for Sodium to become the official head of the household as the next heir, and she does not disappoint! Her last trait is perceptive, like Binky, but she’s not going to be a detective. Instead, she’ll be an actress, a fitting choice for a celebrity.


So off she goes in the motive mobile to sign up as an actress.


Inside the motive mobile. First, there’s no one driving. B, EA was lazy and didn’t give the thing an inside. And 3, this thing basically makes it so Sodium never has to sleep, but I don’t have to go out of my way to use it like the moodlet manager.


Sodium: Hm… Became an actress, got the money from the businesses we own… what can I do that will help me become a celebrity?


She decides to get a tattoo.


It doesn’t turn out well. What is that even supposed to be?

Sodium: Flying Spaghetti Monster. A lot of celebrities are, like, Scientologists or fake Buddhists or something, right? So I decided that I no longer believe in the Sim Creator and instead became a Pastafarian. Sauce be with you, RAmen.



Sodium: I’m here to spread the good news about FSM. Have you been touched by his noodly appendage?

Big: Uh… aren’t you that Mendeleev girl?

Sodium: Yeah, I need to talk to Tom Wordy so I can get more celebrity stars.


Awesome, he’s here. Open-mouthed smile


Sodium manages to impress Tom… somehow… but she only gets a few moments to talk to him before he has to go to work.


Luckily, my simself is willing to come to the house when Nitrogen invites her, so Sodium impresses her for a bit.


Afterwards, Sodium gets an opportunity to dance at the Grind. I swear, I think I’ve gotten that opportunity about five or six times now.


Tired out from dancing, Sodium decides she needs a drink.

Sodium: Is that supposed to be on fire? On green fire?

Lady: Heck if I know. Just drink it.


Hey! I finally figured out why all of my ghosts are constantly in their swimsuits!


Apparently nothing much happened the rest of the day. Sodium acted, teens went to school, Nitrogen banged some drums. My simself is invited over for more befriending.

Sodium: I’m going to marry an imaginary friend as soon as he’s of legal age.

Sabrina: I wish I could marry my imaginary friend…

Did I say my simself? I meant my friend’s simself. Not mine. Definitely.


They manage to strike up a nice conversation about computers. Since that’s basically what I do all day when I don’t have band camp or something.

Sodium: My mom is inside, Felisha.

Felisha: I don’t know. She’s getting a little old, and you’re kind of cute…

Can you get star points from woohooing the paparazzi? Just curious.


The befriending of celebrities takes too long. Hopefully getting some charisma points will help speed things up?


Shing also gets some celebrity points for bringing Mulan a painting.

Mulan is a celebrity, by the way.


With a Map to the Stars, you too can stalk celebrities like a REAL paparazzi!


Why can’t the ‘hotspot’ clubs ever get this many people?


Speaking of clubs, Sodium gets ANOTHER opportunity to dance at one. She chats with Mulan a bit in case it might help her celebrity score or something.

Felisha: Mmm… Sodium, you’re looking very kissable tonight.

She’s starting to get creepy.


Not that her crush isn’t understandable, though.


She’s a great dancer, just like her mom.

Of course, she’s had six hours of practice.


Binky earned a black belt on his own!

He actually got one skill point… karate is a lot easier than you would think, apparently.


Someone started a rumor about Nitrogen getting in a fight, so she’s off to sue for slander.

Really, the media should be paying more attention to Mulan’s granddaughter and Berry’s son, who hold the title of first incestuous couple created by SP in the legacy family. Yay?


While that’s happening, Sodium is attempting to make nice with Emmy Starr. We befriended her, but dropped back down to acquaintance because she wants to be a total bitch.

Emmy: I bet you got to be a three star celebrity by sleeping around.

Sodium: Um, no? I got my third star for being friends with you. You were kinda there.


Oh, did I mention that Emmy is also an actress and Sodium has to get a good relationship with her to advance in the acting career? Open-mouthed smile

Getting to five stars is going to be a lot harder than I thought, isn’t it?


2 thoughts on “The Joy of Fame

  1. Sim Creator and instead became a Pastafarian. Sauce be with you, RAmen.
    That made me laugh so hard I choked. Okay, I snorted and my daughter laughed at me and told me I oinked, but she’s four so I’ll forgive her.

  2. I had almost the same exact experience as Skehrer… but with my son, who’s three, telling me to “be KWIETT!” from the other room… oops lol I love the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Explaining my ‘Pastafarian” status to unsuspecting strangers is one of the many small joys in my life. haha Great update… I’m still in love with Sodium!

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