It’s All About Me

Last time, Lithium died. Now, I’ll show you what the family was doing while she was dying.


Binky and Sodium were on a date at the bistro, which they can get into for free because the family has a share in it.

My simself was there. I made her a five-star celebrity because she’s sort of the living avatar of the sims’ creator.


Sodium: Grandma’s dead! Crying face … Hey, a celebrity!

Sabrina: WTF was I thinking? Now people are going to be crowding around me!!!


After that, Sodium and Binky kiss… in front of Sodium’s kind-of sort-of ex. Classy.

Arnulfo: Hi Sodium! Open-mouthed smile


Then this guy shows up and everyone starts to think about him.


Guy: Whatever.


Nitrogen wasn’t in the house either. She was at a club, dancing.


O look! I put candles by the graves. Open-mouthed smile And look at Lithium’s grave! It’s actually not the little flat one!

I am getting better at this thing.


Remember the graves Mags stole? Turns out the girl ghost is a child, but I’m keeping her anyway. I always feel bad about the kid ghosts in the game and–

How did a small child die of electrocution, anyway? I smell something fishy.


Lithium never got a chance to finish this painting. It was probably for the best. *shudder*


Hey look. Someone other than a ghost using the trampoline!


Sodium went to the park to try and act as paparazzi bait, but she only managed to attract a creepy girl who followed her into the bathroom.


Speaking of creepy girls, it’s my simself!

Okay, I’m not creepy. Much. Nitrogen got an opportunity to befriend her… me?… for celebrity points and stuff.


Nitrogen autonomously asks for an autograph. *facepalm* I want her to be friendly. Not pathetic.


Felisha comes to stalk us some more. Notice how she is more concerned with the two star celebrity than the five star one. Girl crush. Called it.

Nitrogen: Um, I think it’s totally awesome that you made a science-based legacy. You’re amazing.


Felisha: Don’t mind me. Just keep talking to her. *snap* This one will look great for my Nitrogen shrine!


Simself! I see where your eyes are!

Felisha: I’ll be your girl, backstage at your show, velvet ropes and guitars…


After becoming friends, Nitrogen and my simself watch the stars. Because my simself has a crush on Nitrogen. Not me, of course, but my simself. Yeah.

Who has a crush on their sim? I mean, come on!



My simself looks kind of miserable, but I usually look miserable, even when I’m happy.

Oh, Nitrogen…


Right. She’s taken.


Nitrogen: Yep. Still straight.

Rub it in, why don’t you?


Suddenly, I’m interrupted by the fire that’s just broken out in the kitchen.

Wow. It’s been a while since we’ve had a fire.


Mags: Noooo! Diswasher!

Noooo! Cow poster!


It gets replaced with this, which can never replace the awesomeness of the ‘Milk, I am your father’ poster.

Though I’m slightly biased since I’m a vegetarian.


Right after the fire, Shing completes his LTW! Awesome.


Binky never got a chance to shower before going to school, so he was singed all day.

I thought Sodium could befriend Lil Bling for celebrity points, but he’s apparently not a celebrity? Then how does he have a name like that and not get pulverized in school?


Shing and Nitrogen: *gross kissing sounds*

Simself: Sad smile

If they died right then, it definitely would have counted as suicide. You don’t flaunt your marriage in front of the physical avatar of your equivalent to a god if said god-equivalent has a crush on you.


Hey, another fire! This is almost like the day Lithium became YA…

Lithium… Crying face


Except no one can reach the fire to put it out. Baring teeth smile

The fire didn’t burn anything, but it took forever to burn out and I couldn’t do anything until it did.


Still going.

Simself: Whatever. This party sucks. And you suck.

I can haz end-of-generation point tally?

Generations born: 3
Portraits painted: 12
LTWs: 5
Over 100,000 LTH: 3
Total: 23 Open-mouthed smile


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