Arm Breakage


New room in the family museum!

The stuff you get in Generations for clubs and everything really adds a lot to the little ‘exhibits’. Compare that picture to this one.


Hydrogen and Helium were never really in any clubs, so there is a whole lot less stuff for them than Oxy, Flo, and Neon.


Um… I forget what was happening here. I think they’re going out on a date?


And then a kiss?

Note to self: don’t take so much time in between playing and writing.


Sodium and Binky ended up taking two different cabs to the club, so here’s what it looks like when two taxis are in the same place.


Game: This club is hopping and there are SO MANY PEOPLE HERE!!!

Club: *crickets chirping*

Stop lying to me, game!


Here’s Helium, though.

Helium: Are you kids having fun? I remember when I was young and in love…

Sodium: Great-uncle Helium! You’re embarrassing me!


Sodium’s got this weird expression on her face while she’s flirting with Binky. You’re supposed to smile, dear.


Sodium: Like this?

Close enough.


Sodium: Do you want to go steady, Binky? Not like you have any say in the matter, since we sort of have to get married, but I thought it would be nice to ask.

Binky: Um… yes?


Paparazzi: Doo doo doo… looking for some celebrity stuff to take pictures of.

If he would just turn around.


Sodium: Marry me?


Binky: Yes!

Paparazzi: I wonder if any celebrities are doing anything interesting tonight…



Paparazzi: Hey, Binky and Sodium Mendeleev!

Too late.


Eventually, Binky and Sodium have to head home to avoid the curfew police.

Walter: OMG it’s my cousin Sodium! *breaks arm*


And then there was a dance party while they waited for the morning, when they could come back out.

Jamar: I’m still here!

Yeah, I still have Jamar sitting around for the next generation. Having so many Imaginary Friends around is a bit annoying, so the kids who get the IF dolls probably won’t be turning them into IFs as much.


Binky and Sodium go out again in the morning. I can’t understand how that door can open up and not get stuck on the little flower-wall-thing.


Anyway, I sent the teens out a bit too early, and they were caught by the curfew police. Sad smile

Luckily, the moodlet manager is the best thing since grilled cheese, so the ‘grounded’ moodlets were easily taken care of.


After the curfew thing is straightened out, Sodium heads over to the home of Arnulfo Racket. In case you forgot (I did), Sodium and Arnulfo became romantic interests way back during prom, which gave her the naughty reputation when she kissed Binky. I don’t expect breaking up with him will relieve that reputation, but I want to avoid any other reputation surprises.


Sodium: Wanna just be friends?

Arnulfo: Uh… do I know you?

She has to ask a guy she kissed once, like, a couple of years ago, to just be friends if she doesn’t want the naughty reputation when she actually gets a boyfriend. They haven’t seen each other since and Arnulfo is now too old for Sodium.

This is sort of extremely pointless.


Arnulfo: I don’t think it’s legal for me to be hitting on you, anyway, so I guess we can just be friends.

Sodium: Yeah, cool. Never going to talk to you ever again.


While we were gone, Nitrogen completed her bass skill!

One more instrument to go!


When they’re not doing dating stuff, Binky helps Sodium with her homework.


Sodium: When we’re done with this, do you wanna help me with a ‘hands-on biology experiment’? Sarcastic smile

Binky: You don’t even take biology.

Sodium: Never mind. Baring teeth smile


Mags: Do I even get to play with my imaginary friend anymore?

No. Not really.


Um… that’s not how your arm is supposed to go.


Noooo! Lithium!


Death: Lithium Mendeleev, you have reached the end of your mortal coil, blah blah blah, get in the urn.

Lithium: Take me to my husband!


RIP Lithium Mendeleev, second generation heiress. She had mad painting skills, which she used to paint everyone in the family from Ellie to Neon. Some people she painted more than once, even. She married Theodore Mendeleev and had four beautiful girls, as well as more grandchildren than I could be bothered to count.

Crying face


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