Romance in the Heir


The family continues to rise in fame, helped because Nitrogen is always out front being bait for the paparazzi. Shing hides behind the clay lion because… I don’t know why, actually.


Lithium plays around with the time machine to see if we can get any cool items or clothes, but she hasn’t gotten anything yet.


Theo: Great music, honey, keep up the good work!

Nitrogen: Thanks, Dad!


Birthday time! Hopefully this will make it less awkward when Binky and Sodium socialize.


Surprised smile Oh my.

It’s a good thing I have heir polls, because I would never be able to decide on my heir with all of my eye candy sims. Mags is now a klepto, by the way.


Binky is now perceptive. Maybe he’ll be an investigator.


Sodium: Is that… a Star Trek shirt? Red heart

You can flirt with him after school.


Nitrogen plays outside of the spa because she had an opportunity in the spa and there were people outside.


Felisha: Baby, there’s no other superstar, you know that I’ll be papa-paparazzi…

This is getting a bit stalker-y. More stalker-y than normal paparazzi, I mean.

Felisha: Promise I’ll be kind, but I won’t stop until that girl is mine…


After that, Nitrogen has to dance at a dance club for an opportunity.

Game: This place is jumping!

Bar: *crickets chirping*


Whatever. Nitrogen still gets celebrity points whether there are people at the club or not.


Sodium: I saw your shirt for sleepwear and realized that our two hearts beat as one.

Binky: Uh, I was like six when you were a teen. This is still pretty awkward.


Sodium: Okay… uh… you don’t like art?

I set up a long line of interactions for them and head across town to check on Mags.


Who is…

Mags: Admiring my father’s handiwork in the graveyard.



I’m going to try to do a lot of different things over the course of the legacy, and one of those things will be an attempt to have every sort of occult being in the family at one point or another. Mags’ job is to steal some tombstones to be used for ghost babies in some future generation.


It never hurts to keep our options open.


Mags: Daddy?

That statue. I want it. But Mags can’t get to it because of the pond…


*cough* That bridge of land was always there, in case you were wondering. Always.

What? Going into edit town isn’t cheating. *shifty eyes* It’s not like I’m going to sell the thing, anyway.


Mags: What statue? I don’t see any statue?


Better look at our potential ghost-baby donors. The one that died of old age is a male, the one who died of electrocution is a female. I guess that she could be useful if we get an oh my ghost opportunity.


Nitrogen meets Tom Wordy at the club, so she impresses him with her musical prowess. He will be invited over for a party some time so Sodium can meet him.


Speaking of Sodium…

Sodium: Your hair is so colorful. Like a clown.

Seriously? Although it’s not gardening, at least.


Sodium: Flowers?

Binky: ZOMG!


Binky: Do you want to go to the prom with me?

Sodium: Can I bring a phone with Internet capabilities?

Binky: Um… sure?

Sodium: I’d love to go with you!


I took this shot because I loved Magnesium’s everyday wear, but I only realized after I made it that she’s insane and wouldn’t be wearing it very much. So when I spotted her in her everyday, I just had to snap a picture.


Also, Neon’s portrait has been completed, so it’s time for them to move out.

Next time: Prom? Ghosts? Celebrities? I don’t know!


One thought on “Romance in the Heir

  1. Mags looks awesome, but Sodium is still my fav. 🙂 Mags IS the daughter of the Grim Reaper… so why wouldn’t she have special powers? I totally buy that she can create a bridge of land out of nowhere. It seems totally plausible. 😉

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