Last time, some stuff happened and Lithium needs to deliver 15 paintings to city hall.


I think I’ll put the 15 painting thing on hold to keep this, though. While I never really related to the whole Jack/Sally thing because I don’t like shoving romance into movies where other, more important and/or interesting stuff is happening, I like the movie. Mostly because Lock, Shock, and Barrel had a song about killing Santa Claus and the extra characters who show up from time to time look delightfully creepy.

Okay then.


Lithium: We’re going to have so much money when I sell these things!


Somehow, Nitrogen got a second celebrity star while Neon and Sodium got their first, although I don’t think they were doing anything other than standing around at the time. Nitrogen was playing bass, so maybe the relationship gain for musicians was affecting it?


And here’s painting 15. I had Flo helping out toward the end, but Lithium finished painting 14 and 15 while Flo was still working on the painting which was originally going to be 15.


I present to you, the kiss worth 60,000 simoleons. Nitrogen wanted to kiss Shing for 300 points, which brought her up to enough LTH to buy the inheritance reward. Which caused the family to be worth over 200,000 simoleons, which Lithium had a wish for. The fulfillment of that wish gave Lithium enough to buy another inheritance reward.

I wouldn’t normally be using the inheritance thing for so much money, but I really want to get the Mendeleev Museum to be owned by the Mendeleevs.


Lithium on her way to sell her paintings. We’ll know in a few moments whether the family funds will be enough to buy the museum.




Hey, it’s Ellie!

Speaking of Ellie, I’ve been wondering what to do with the ghosts. I like the ghosts on the lot, but I’m a little nervous about whether or not ghosts are going to cause the game to get all laggy. I could put them in the museum, or maybe have a certain number of ghosts in the backyard and put the other ones in the museum… I don’t know yet. :-/


Ellie playing Gnubb.

Why are all of my ghosts in bathing suits, anyway?


It was at this moment that Sodium decided she wanted to be rich and famous. The family is already worth way more than the requirements for the ‘rich’ part of the LTW, so I just need to focus on the famous half. It should be pretty easy, since Sodium is bff’s with her celeb mother, so she can name drop. I have to remember to move some celebrities in from Bridgeport, though. Maybe some vampires while I’m at it.


In the afternoon, the paparazzi comes. Her name is Felisha or something like that.

You can also see the maid we hired in the background.


Nitrogen being more famous means Sodium will have a better chance at being famous, so Nitrogen goes to play her bass outside. This way, the paparazzi can snap pictures and stuff.


Felisha: I’m your biggest fan, I’ll follow you until you love me, papa, paparazzi…

I don’t blame her. Nitrogen’s a catch. Red heart

Uh, that’s what my friend thinks, at least.


Felisha: Oh my gosh! It’s Sodium Mendeleev!

Sodium: I wonder what’s for dinner.


The paparazzi lady proceeds to write about Sodium while Sodium just kind of stands there in her own stink.

Sodium: Uh, whatever. I’m going to take a shower.


Felisha follows her inside.

Felisha: I bought the keys to the house on eBay.


Felisha: OMG! It’s the bookcase! I bet they actually, like, read books from there! *snaps picture*


Felisha: This house kinda makes me wanna vom, though.

Huh? But we had a maid clean up…


Sodium: Yeah, we just got charged for two maids and I swear neither of them even got out of the car. We’re cancelling the service. Also, my dad’s the Grim Reaper and you have seven days to live. Bye! Smile


Nitrogen gets mad at Mags because of bad grades, and Mags is no longer allowed to use the trampoline. Like anyone besides the ghosts actually uses that thing anyway.


Mags: Grr. Homework.


Lithium finishes Flo’s portrait, which we can put in our museum. Our museum! Our MUSEUM!!! I OWN IT!!!



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