The Daycare Postulate


Lithium: You’re nice enough, Shing, but you’ll never be a legacy star like my dad was. You’re a little boring.

Shing: Nitrogen doesn’t think I’m boring.

Lithium: Then explain why four of her kids are from different fathers.


Shing: Don’t worry, Neon. Your grandmother is just a little senile and angry that I ate the last turkey leg. You’re definitely my son.

Neon: Sure, dad. Whatever you say.


Makin’ the kids do homework.

Mags: Why do I have to do well in school? I’m just going to live a life of crime, anyway.


Mags: Hey, Sodium. I’m going to be a criminal. Isn’t that amazing? Don’t you want to, like, talk me out of it?

Sodium: No. Too hungry.

Mags: Cry for attention failed.


Sodium: Speaking of criminals, though, how do you feel about handcuffs?

Binky: Why do you want to know about that?

Sodium: Well, if we have to get married when we’re older… never mind. I’ll ask you when you’re not, like, eight years old.


Binky: Hey, Sodium. Wanna hang out?

Sodium: No talking. Watching Big Bang Theory.


Sodium: OMG PLOT TWIST… I have some new characters to ship!


Uh… does anyone else feel uncomfortable with the way that imaginary friends walk? I mean, it’s almost exactly like how an adult would walk when they do the Stride of Pride, and I really don’t want to think of what that implies.


Of course, Neon chooses to turn into an adult in the bathroom, just as Sodium was about to clean the toilet.


Neon: Aren’t you going to celebrate.

Sodium: I think I’d rather fix the toilet.


The birthday happened at a pretty bad time for both of the twins. While Neon was in the bathroom, Flo was about to pass out from exhaustion.


Neon now dislikes children. Good thing he wasn’t heir.


Fluorine gets an opposite trait, nurturing. I decided that she’s grown out of her goth/emo/scene/whatever phase.


Since Fluorine is now nurturing and there’s really no rush to move her or Neon out until Sodium and Mags age up, I decide to experiment with the nursery profession. We have nothing for the kids to play with other than the bouncy rides out back, but whatever.


Oh, and Neon won the athletics participation award because he wasn’t good enough to win anything else. Ha.


Dance party while we wait for our daycare to open.


Our first little charge is Felipe, Mulan’s grandson. He’s blonde despite being half Asian and half black, although he might have gotten it from Lorie’s mystery dad.

Mulan: Or maybe from Lorie being town bike.

Like mother, like daughter.


First off, I found out that no one is allowed to touch the daycare babies except for Fluorine. Sad smile Second of all:

Flo: Time for me to graduate!

No way. EA is not going to force Flo to town hall and leave two crying toddlers alone.


Luckily, Flo manages to graduate while standing in the yard. Somehow. But the graduations just get annoying after a while. They take up time and everyone gets the same diploma. Which you cannot get rid of. Steaming mad


Felipe: I’m huuuuuuuuuuungry!!!

Flo: Shut up, kid. I’m like starving trying to take care of you.


I give up on the daycare thing pretty quickly.


In other news, Nitrogen and Hydrogen actually got a band opportunity, but it was just watching another band play to get celebrity points. The Airship Pirates haven’t played a gig yet, but they’re celebrities.

Hydrogen’s an elder, though, so I don’t think we’ll be getting any gigs in time.


While out collecting money from the businesses, I find my simself. If story progression is to be trusted, she does nothing but make enemies.


Lorie’s pissed because her babysitter quit taking care of Felipe in the middle of the day.


We need to paint 15 portraits for someone now. Good times.

And who is that ghost in the corner?



Sodium: You’d better not be overwriting my save file.

So… um… those are all the pictures I have. Smile with tongue out


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