Fun With Arranged Marriage!

What’s this? Updating like a normal person?


Lithium’s getting ready to paint Oxygen’s portrait so we can kick him out and give Binky his potion. I tend to kick out my spares fast.


Binky: I’m going to be a real boy!

I don’t know what David did to get a timeout, but he must have done something awful to get a timeout in the corner of creepy paintings.

Creepy girl paintings: Play with ussss…


Oh, and Sodium pees on the food.

Sodium: It’s great-grandma’s secret ingredient!


Oxygen’s painting is done. The game says it’s a masterpiece. Yeah. Sure.


Time to move out!

Just in time, too. It seems that Isotope is trying to do dirty things with Oxygen.

Oxygen: Er… why is your hand up my butt?

Isotope: No reason.


Bye Oxygen!


Binky: Uh, are you sure this is okay to drink?

Mags: Yeah. Maybe. Whatever.


Binky: Okay. Bottoms up.


Then he sparkled more than Edward Cullen on a sunny day. It lasted for about forever.


It lasted so long that Mags tried to strangle herself because the game wouldn’t let her do anything until Binky became real.


That eye color. That hair color.

Need those genes.


Lithium: Hey, there’s an oddly dressed boy with purple hair. Cool.

The family is oddly okay with a figment of Magnesium’s imagination coming to life and living with them.


Binky has the ability to turn into his doll form whenever he wants to, and it seems like people can see him in his doll form now.

I’m still keeping him in his real kid form, though, because the doll form gets creepier as it gets bigger.


Sodium: Wait. He’s going to marry me? He’s like six. Do you expect me to take him to the movies or something?

Yeah, I didn’t realize how awkward it would be to have Sodium socializing with Binky to prepare for marriage.


They ended up playing chess together.

Binky: I heard this new computer game was selling out fast. Maybe you should go buy it. I promise I won’t switch the pieces around.

Sodium: I’m not falling for that one, kid.


I think Magnesium snapped a bit.

Mags: Binky’s not my imaginary friend anymore. Sodium stole him from me. But you can be my friend, Einstein. We’ll be friends for ever and ever and ever… *manic giggling*

Einstein: Help me…


Sodium: So I heard you don’t like art. That kind of sucks, since our creator went crazy with the posters now that she can put them up again.

Binky: It’s terrible, really. I plan on switching my traits once I gain enough lifetime happiness. What are you interested in, Sodium?


Sodium: I like war. Open-mouthed smile

She’s the daughter of Death, alright.


The school gives Sodium an opportunity to collect butterflies after that, so she goes off around town. I completely forgot about curfew.


Sodium literally had to run halfway across town to get to where the policeman was waiting for her.


At first, Sodium thought she was in the clear when she arrived home. No one was out front waiting for her because I’d arranged for all of the adults to be doing something when she got home.


Nitrogen was waiting for her inside.

Nitrogen: What do you think you were doing out in the middle of the night? Bad things go on at night, things that a teenage girl shouldn’t be exposed to!

Sodium: Mom, I live on the Internet. I don’t think anything I see in public in Twinbrook will beat Two Sims One…


Sodium: I mean, er, good golly, Mom! You’re right! I was wrong to go out there at night! My innocence would be lost! Why, I barely know what an expletive is!

Too late. She got grounded.


Sodium: Let’s see if this can get rid of the ‘grounded’ moodlet.

It does. Smile


So Sodium is free to go to school and deliver her butterflies. We got some more money from the deal.


We come home to a horrible sight.

Sodium: Someone broke the computer. They. Shall. Pay.


First she fixes the computer by waving a screwdriver in front of it because the game thinks the computer is about the same size as the cheap, dinosaur-era computer.


Sodium: Much better. Where was I? “Darth Vader gazed lovingly into Spock’s eyes…”


2 thoughts on “Fun With Arranged Marriage!

  1. “Then he sparkled more than Edward Cullen on a sunny day.”
    I nearly died. I’ve been having a cruddy day, and that made my day! 😀

  2. I love how awesome the imavinary friends look when real. Im a little sad not to see what the others look like. Maybe in the future?

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