I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Let’s jump straight to heir results, shall we?


The boys each got only one vote. At least they can share their one-voteness, instead of having one kid who was pretty clearly the unfavorite.


Flo got three votes, meaning she is NOT the heir, either.

Flo: Whatever. Life is pointless anyway.


Mags is in second place with 5 votes, so her job is to prepare Binky as the legacy’s guinea pig for all imaginary-friend-related shenanigans. Because…


Our heiress has no imaginary friend, so she must use a hand-me-down (hand-me-up?). She got 8 votes and beat out her siblings for heir.

Sodium: n00bs.


My  only regret about this is that Sodium basically has no aspirations in life because her traits don’t push her towards anything.

Sodium: No aspirations? I’m pwning Portal!

We need a workable LTW for her. I could always plop her into whatever occupation I want, but I’d prefer if her LTW was related to her traits somehow.


Hey, it’s Berry’s son Jameel!

Yeah… you know, Oxygen actually looks very handsome.


Nitrogen: I just mastered the piano and I’m exhausted. Can it be bed time now?


This is probably the first time that Nitrogen’s gone to sleep since Mags was born.

Nitrogen: zzz… slave driver… zzz…


Oxygen: Now that we have to move out, we have to figure out where we’re going to live when we get older.

Flo: I’m living in a crypt.


Sodium: Hey guys.

Flo: Oh, look. The golden child. I’m out.


Oxygen: We were talking about where we’re going to live when you kick us out.


Sodium: Listen, n00b. Those are the rules of the legacy, so stop blaming this on me or I’ll make sure you die. Painfully.


Sodium makes the most adorable faces ever. Red heart


My next project for the legacy is to actually earn enough money to buy the museum, which is about 90,000 simoleons. Definitely not getting there without buying inheritance, so while we wait for that, Lithium paints.

This was a picture of Mags, actually.


Sodium does her bit by hacking into computers.

Sodium: I’m in your government, stealing your moneys. By the way, 1234? Not a password!


Nitrogen’s well-deserved break is over, so it’s time to start working on the bass. Two down, only two to go.


Shing: Isn’t it weird that the only kid that’s not mine is the heiress?

Nitrogen: Yeah. Because Sodium is the only kid that’s not yours. Mags, Flo, and Neon are your children. For real.


Shing: I still love you even if you had Death’s daughter.

Nitrogen: I so want to go to bed with you right now.


And that’s exactly what happened.

Simba: Bow-chicka-wow-wow!


Post-woohoo bass-jamming in a leather bathing suit.

Totally normal.


Meanwhile, Oxy goes to the Kayes household after school. Jimmie is Flo’s boyfriend. Unfortunately, Jimmie isn’t there.

Oxy: Hi. Your son is dating my sister.


Oxy: Make sure he knows that if he breaks her heart I will *whisper whisper*

Justin: Wow, that sounds painful. I will pass this message along.


This… pleasant… girl named Natalie comes home after school with Mags.

Natalie: This house is stupid.


I’ve decided that Sodium will be writing until her fifth trait comes along. I’ll decide what to with her as a young adult later.

Sodium: I’m writing a crossover fic  between Star Trek and Star Wars. There’s slash. Lots of slash.


The problem with the musical instruments is that everyone stops to stare at them unless I tell them to do something else.

Sodium: n00bs. You can watch Mom playing music ALL. THE. TIME.


We interrupt this legacy for a birthday!

Sodium: Come on! I was just getting to the part where Spock shows Vader the bed!

Be happy for your brother, dear. Even Natalie is happy.


Natalie: Yay person I don’t know! Woo!


Oxygen actually grew into his face really well. He’s an angler but I chose the firefighter career, although I’m not actually going to play him through it.


I  completely forgot that the imaginary friend ages up too.

Nitrogen: I can’t see you, so I’m just gonna go eat.


They get creeper as they get bigger. They could be considered sort of cute as a doll or even a child, but a YA imaginary friend just looks a little off.


Next time, Oxygen will move out and we’ll start experimenting with Binky.

Binky: Help?


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