Mad About Mags

Guess what works now! Nevermind, I’ll show you:


Apparently one of my mods conflicted with putting stuff on the walls in buy mode, although I can’t imagine how that works.


I also went a little crazy with the posters. I had all of these geeky/nerdy/science posters downloaded specifically for the Mendeleev family, and I couldn’t put them up until now.


This is practically the official Elemental Legacy poster.

But enough of posters for now.


Mags is the reason there’s an extra chapter before the heir vote, because I didn’t think it was fair for her to have only two traits when everyone else had four. I checked her age bar and she’ll be eligible for aging up before Oxygen has to age up, so I decided to go for it.


Mags: Binky, this is Einstein, and we’re all going to be best friends forever and ever and ever…

She’s… interesting.


Sodium is off from school for the day, so she chats online.

Na_Ne3s1: lol so my dad iz totally teh GRIM REAPER!!1

Simboy8430274: pics or it didn’t happen.


Na_Ne3s1: EAT IT, N00B.


Meanwhile, the other teens are on a field trip to the local prison. Graveyard, prison… I’m starting to think this is one of those ‘scare ‘em straight’ things.

The ‘not breaking the law’ sort of straight. Not the ‘likes the opposite gender’ sort of straight.

Oxy: What did you think of the prison.

Flo: This society is a prison, and we’re all inmates.


Look who’s the chaperone for the trip!

After the field trip, it’s time for prom.


Flo: Have fun going to prom in a taxi.

Oxy: Why does she get a limo?

My print screen isn’t working, so here is what happened during prom:

  • I got this update, and I quote: ‘Neon’s was denied for a dance. He decided to dance by herself.’ What.
  • Almost all of the kids got in a fight. Sodium because someone stepped on her foot. Neon won a dance battle and the loser started a fight with him. Oxygen started a fight because someone was wearing the same outfit.
  • Neon was checking out people’s clothes.
  • Flo is Jimmie’s girlfriend now, and I got a message that she started to fall for him. It was the spikeed punch.
  • Sodium wooed Arnulfo Racket and won prom queen despite the fact that she never actually attended high school yet.
  • Oxygen was definitely drunk or high, because I kept getting stuff about three-eyed llamas and the lights being aliens.

Between the gender confusion and the clothes, I’m starting to wonder about Neon…


This is Flo’s prom photo. First of all, that is NOT a school-appropriate pose (which is to be expected of a Mendeleev woman, really). Second of all, that dress is ruined. Jimmie put his leg right through it. And he’s not even wearing a formal outfit.


I just realized that the Airship Pirates haven’t gotten any gigs or any little pop-ups. Or anything. Sad smile My band experiment failed.


Mags is a little brat and decides to cry when her big sisters are sleeping. Even though there’s nothing wrong with her.

Sodium: WTF?

Mags: Laters!


But she’s cute so I forgive her.

Mags: Binky, we’re going to be best friends forever and ever and ever…

Binky: Help… me…




Oxygen has an awards ceremony to go to for Shop Club.


Hey look! It’s Joni! Mulan’s other daughter.


*cough* Anyway, Oxygen won a participation award, which really just means that he doesn’t deserve an award but they’re giving him a trophy because they feel bad.


The whole family goes to watch, leaving Mags with a babysitter. The babysitter sucks.

Mags: Take care of meee!


Babysitter: I think I’ll just stare at this easel.


Then it’s time for Mags’ birthday.

Nitrogen: You’re going to be a big girl now!

Mags: Yay!


Yay indeed. No more diapers!


Oh dear.


Mags rolled grumpy as a child. She looks good, from what I can make out of her face.


Face paint shot to see her face a bit better.


Binky: Happy birthday!


Ouch. Snubbed by the only one who can see you.

Mags: Cake.

I see.

Now it’s time for an heir vote! Open-mouthed smile

Unfortunately, I’m not actually here right now, I’m way out in some town that probably has, like, one square foot of space you have to stand in to even get cell phone reception. So I’ma set it up so the heir poll shows up here in a little bit. Toodles!


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