Heir Poll

Usually I’d hold this on Boolprop, but I have no Internet right now and am probably fixing a house at this very moment. If I posted it on Boolprop there would be SO. MANY. SPOILERS. So here’s the poll. Smile with tongue out


Oxygen’s hobbies include writing and working out. He’s already written one book, ‘Near Death Experiences’ which gets *drumroll* 13 simoleons a week! He will probably grow up to be an author and/or firefighter. Oxy has two potential spouses, Shonda Coddle and Isotope, his IF who is sort of a loser. Oxygen holds the honor of being the only kid in the household who is actually the son of our legacy spouse.


Nobody understands Fluorine, partially because she’s a genius. When she became a teen she decided to become goth/emo/scene/whatever. She likes to keep to herself if she’s not with her best friend, Einstein. She has a boyfriend, Jimmie Kayes, who she met and became his girlfriend at prom (different proms though.) She’s not sure if she loves really loves him (pretty sure he spiked the punch) or her IF. While Flo seems to be a bit apathetic at times, she has a hidden rage and will proceed to beat the crud out of you if you get in her way. Daughter of Rich Wehloff.


Neon isn’t afraid of anything! Except water. But he doesn’t appreciate it if you joke about it. He likes to say he’s into athletics: he works out and even belongs to the sports club. His secret hobbies interests include things like butterflies and fashion. Neon may try to show a tough exterior, but he can be a sweetie underneath. He has a potential spouse in Ion, his romantic interest, although he finds Ion sort of scary sometimes. Son of Rich Wehloff.


Sodium thinks she could be the heiress because, in her own words, ‘I pwn teh n00bs’. Sodium’s favorite hobbies are sitting on the couch and watching television or sitting in a chair and playing computer. Online, she likes to chat with random strangers and tell them she’s the Grim Reapers daughter. While Sodium doesn’t have an IF, if she becomes heiress one of the other IFs will be turned real for IF baby experiments. She has a romantic interest in Arnulfo Racket, who she met at prom, but I haven’t seen him in the game yet.


Our second try for the Grim Reaper skintone was a success. Magnesium follows the tradition of the youngest child in the family being insane. She’s also friendly, and all she wants to do is be your best friend forever and ever and ever and ever… She has a potential spouse in her IF, Binky. Mags has no ‘human’ potential spouses yet because she’s the sim equivalent of five years old and hasn’t gone to school yet.


One thought on “Heir Poll

  1. I voted for Sodium because she pwns teh n00bs. And she’s pretty. I love how quickly your chapters come out, I definitely can’t keep up with my own chapters like that!

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