Party at the Local Park


Lorie’s arguing with her boyfriend again. The usual.

I got a few of my bugs fixed, so I went to check if I could place the letters back into the Mendeleev Museum. No luck, but I did find something else.


Nitrogen’s husband is apparently an Asian kitty.

We have to do Shing’s portrait again.


It’s Saturday (Saturday, gotta get down on Saturday…) so I send the kids off to the park. Except for Mags, of course.


Neon catches butterflies, which is MANLY.


Santos is swinging, so Fluorine goes over to push him even though they’ve never technically met.


It seems as if the entire family is there, actually. Oxygen goes to talk to his Aunt Berry, and Carbon was off reading somewhere.


I have no idea what the skill bar is for. Athletic?


Oxygen: *intense concentration*

It’s the hopscotch championship of the world.


I didn’t get a pop-up for it, but next thing I knew, Mags had an imaginary friend, too. Since I’m running out of science names, I’ll call him Binky. Binky is the name of Death’s horse.


Shing: It’s okay. I love you even if the moodlet manager mutated your DNA.

Her eyes. They are empty pits of darkness. They scare me.


Flo: You know, it’s kind of nice, hanging out in the sandbox.

Neon: Shh. Meditating.


Later, I send Nitrogen over to the park, too.

Nitrogen: I call this little ditty ‘Stop Playing Chess By Yourself and Tip Me, Dammit!’


Nitrogen: You’d better not be talking to anyone connected to drugs.

Sodium: No. Well, technically, I think the science facility makes drugs. But they’re legal.

Sodium got an opportunity to collect some stuff in exchange for money.


Then Nitrogen lets Sodium off the hook for her bad grades autonomously, because she’s an awesome mother.

Too bad there was only, like, an hour left to Sodium’s punishment anyway.

Sodium: Now that I’m not in trouble, I can go to the movies!


Or ride a bouncy ride.

Sodium: Wheee!


The ‘First Kiss’ option came up for Neon, but Ion wouldn’t accept it because she’s a doodie head.

Ion: Ha ha.


After redoing Shing’s portrait, I went to go put it in the museum and Lorie was still there. She’s been there ALL. DAY. Probably doesn’t want to go home to her boyfriend.


Nitrogen and Shing roll wishes for each other, so I let them take painting/piano breaks so they can hug and kiss and whatnot.

I mean, I’d be rolling wants for Nitrogen, too. Look what she’s wearing.


Fluorine: I don’t know what to do, Neon. Jimmie asked me to go to the prom, but I don’t think I love him. I just think he’s nice for bringing me all that punch at our last prom. Come to think of it, that punch tasted kind of funny…

Neon: Don’t ask me. I’m the one being rejected by my own imaginary friend.

That’s… really really sad, actually.


It’s time for Mags’ birthday. Please don’t glitch, please don’t glitch…


Yay! Nitrogen did the birthday right this time. Here’s little Mags. I gave her pink streaks and tips.


Here’s a picture with face paint on so you can see her features a bit more clearly. This way, you can sort of see her nose and lip shape. A little.


Lithium reading to Mags. It’s so cute.


Nitrogen went out to collect money from our businesses, and there was a huge crowd, so she played for some tips. Nobody gave her any money, though.


Sodium has a dream about meeting her dad.


Flo: DAD! I did NOT need to hear that.

He could be talking about actual gardens, but no one has a garden in the family. Besides, it can’t be a coincidence that they always talk about gardens before they woohoo.


Birthday for Sodium!

Shing: Yay!

Nitrogen: This had better be good. You interrupted my woohoo time.


Eh? That’s not supposed to happen…


Prettyyyyy… I mean, Sodium is now a computer whiz.

And it’s almost time for Oxygen to age up, but I’m going to do one more chapter to give Mags a chance to grow up and get a third trait.


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