Paint It Black


Lithium paints awesome things all of the time. Like a pear angel… thing.


And this picture of an Asian girl, doing strange things with chopsticks and tentacles.

A lot of the pictures Shing and Lithium paint are either disturbing, Asian-themed, or both.


Like this.

IT CAN SEE INTO YOUR SOUL. I’m keeping it.


Sodium’s still adorable, by the way. That didn’t stop being true or anything.

Sodium: I’m the daughter of Death himself…


Sodium: …but even I find that disturbing.

It watches you sleep.


I think the Mendeleev family is trying to out-disgusting one another, because Sodium must have gone searching in the very back of the fridge to pull this out. There were flies swarming around it as she pulled it out, for heaven’s sake.


I love how the sims get as they get higher in the instrument skills. They start getting so into it.


Now it’s time from scary stories with Sodium. The part of the legacy where Sodium comes out and tells a scary story.

Sodium: Once upon a time, in a town not too far away, there was a little girl. And this little girl was murdered in a heinous way. I can’t give the details without turning this legacy into an R-rated gore fest, but let’s just say it involved cotton candy and a very hungry caterpillar.
Now the little girl wanders around, looking for her murderer. But the ghost of the cotton candy is in her eyes, so she can’t see, and she takes her revenge out on anyone who happens to cross her path.


Theo: Don’t tell me any more! I’m afraid of ghosts!

Hi Theo! Open-mouthed smile


Lithium: Sometimes I swear I can still hear his voice, begging Sodium to stop telling scary stories. Which is odd because Sodium wasn’t old enough to tell scary stories when Theo was alive.

Nitrogen: Mom. I’m showering.


Lithium: Nitrogen, we’re not animals! We need privacy when we use the bathroom! Go on, out.

Nitrogen: But… but…

Lithium is starting to get senile. On top of her preexisting insanity, that is.


Then Nitrogen decides to pop into maternity clothes in the worst possible place.


Sodium is stuck in the bathroom while we wait for the maternity pop.


Nitrogen: Hey! I’m having a baby.

Sodium: Can I come out of the bathroom now?


Nitrogen: Uh, this thing isn’t going to cause any birth defects, right?

I’m sure it won’t be any more defective than your other children.

Nitrogen: Well, that’s good… hey!


Sodium’s on time out because she got bad grades. She has a D when the other kids have A’s and B’s.

Sodium: Gramma is going to pay for this! I’m going to sic my daddy on her!


Neon: I don’t get why we have to do homework. I’m planning on doing athletics when I graduate. Plus, we’re going to own two or three businesses by the time I’m out of school.

Oxy: Stop complaining. That just makes you think about how much you hate it even more.


Neon: Yeah, but I’d rather go swimming than do this math stuff. And I’m afraid of water.

Flo: I did all my homework in Study Club.


They keep painting adorable girly paintings even though I’ve filled up the girls’ room and need some to put in the boys’ room.


Nitrogen maxed her guitar skill, so we are 1/4 of the way there. This is loads easier with the moodlet manager.


I wanted to have Nitrogen finish the guitar skill first so it would be free for Shing, who also needs to max the skill, once he’s done painting. Buying a new guitar would be too easy.

No on to the piano!


Just a quick reminder that my simself hasn’t died or moved out or anything. I get a couple messages here and there about her. Mostly about how this sim or that sim doesn’t like her. Nobody likes my simself because she hates people.


Sodium visits a friend’s house and they’re wearing the same dress, but in different colors. Embarrassing!


In other news, Neon’s hair is now… neon blue.


Lithium: How DARE you, young lady!

Sodium: What the flying fudge are you yelling at me for?

Turns out Sodium’s grades are still too low. She’s banned from the trampoline for an entire day. The good thing about having so much stuff cluttering up the house is there’s always something else to do if you can’t do something.


I thought the chairs were stuck like this, but it turns out the imaginary friends are sitting at the table. Neon’s imaginary friend is actually the only one who’s not sitting down.


Lithium finds the water slide because she’s an elder and elders love water slides.




Flo: Holy fudge, why do I keep walking in when you’re giving birth?

Nitrogen: Pay attention to what you’re doing in a dress, dear. Your legs are wide open.




Shing: Wait. This one is definitely mine, right?

Nitrogen: Of course. No doubt about it. Fingers crossed


And Magnesium Mendeleev (AKA Mags) is born! She’s friendly and insane. I just realized that the youngest child in each generation so far had insane as one of their first traits.

It’s kind of obvious that she’s not Shing’s, though.

Nitrogen: Nonsense. I’ll just tell him the radiation from the moodlet manager mutated her DNA.


I got a reaper-skin baby! Open-mouthed smile


3 thoughts on “Paint It Black

    • It was possible with any EP, since Grim comes with the base game, but then there was a patch that made it so you couldn’t have children with the ‘real’ Grim Reaper. However, last time I checked there are a bunch of places to download the Grim Reaper as a playable sim, which gives you chances for Reaper babies.

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