Only the Good Die Young


Sodium: I’m in your room, playing with your imaginary friend.

Even the kid who doesn’t have her own imaginary friend pushes Jamar aside for one. I think it’s the glowy doodad on their heads. Like angler fish.


Flo: Sodium, can you say ‘chlorinated pit of horror’?

Sodium: No.


Theo’s birthday was supposed to happen while he was on the free vacation, so when he comes back he’s already an elder. He looks good.


And Nitrogen became a full adult.


Theo: I feel sort of light and tingly.




Theo has no days in his elder bar. How did he die of old age?

Then Nitrogen started to age into an adult and I figured that the game aged them up twice… once during the vacation, and once after. I managed to reset Nitrogen, but when I went for Theo…


Sorry I couldn’t save you. Sad smile

I could probably resurrect him with one of my mods, but the family’s already moved twice last generation and I don’t want to risk glitching up this town, too. I like this Twinbrook.


Death: I remember you.

Nitrogen: Yeah, I had your baby. And it was pink.


Well, now that there’s another spot in the house and Death is conveniently here…

That sounds horrible. I’m a heartless witch. Sorry I turned your death into a one night (two night?) stand, Theo.

Oxy: Mom, that is so wrong. He just killed your dad.


The moodlet manager gets rid of the pesky mourning moodlet plus all of the red tired-face moodlets. How did I survive without this thing?


I also decided there’s a use for the imaginary friends. They can clean in the bathroom without giving anyone an embarrassed moodlet as long as the other person in the bathroom isn’t the sim who can see them. I see mops floating around and cleaning up puddles all over the house.


Lithium: Is it bad that I don’t have a negative moodlet for Theo’s death?


Lithium: Whatever. Party time.

I don’t think this generation has had any actual birthday parties yet. Oxy’s first one glitched, the twins aged to toddlers and he aged to child without cake, then he aged to teen in the middle of the night, and the twins aged to teen with a quasi-birthday party.

And despite the party, the family does mourn Theo’s death, even without the moodlet.


Neon sits in the sandbox by himself and quietly contemplates life and death.


Lithium cries by Theo’s grave.


And Flo… doesn’t do anything special, really.

Flo: That’s because I am always in mourning.



The party officially starts and OH FUDGE WHAT IS THAT? KILL IT! KILL IT!!!


Here’s Boron after she got pregnant by Skeet Bayless, but before she pops into maternity wear. I fear for that poor child, since his/her father is also the father of the infamous Chase Bayless.


Flo: Welcome to the party. Uh… who are you?

Rich: Flo… I… am your father.



My favorite part of this whole mess is that Rich and Shing are great friends.


Sodium: Hey, birthday girl here? Pay attention to me or I’ll sic my daddy on you!

I don’t know what Shing’s going to do about…

Sodium: My real daddy!

Oh… yes ma’am. Whatever you say, ma’am.


Sodium got the trait never nude. Overall, she’s got some pretty boring/useless traits, but leaping lizards she is pretty. And also the daughter of Death. Please don’t kill me.


The moodlet manager means Nitrogen can skill almost 24/7 with only a few short breaks to get rid of bad moodlets. Maxing four skills seems much more manageable now.


Since Einstein can’t go to prom, Flo has a private one with him. They dance together as Nitrogen plays the guitar.


The kids don’t even go home on prom night. I just keep them at the school in their formalwear until it’s time for prom to start.

There were a lot of updates, but if I had pictures of every one of them it would take forever. So here’s the gist of what happened at prom:

  • Oxygen is prom king.
  • Flo tried to ask someone to dance, but was rejected.
  • Flo beat up a nerd to express her rage at her rejection.
  • Flo becomes romantic interests with Jimmie Kayes because he brought her punch (what was in that punch?).
  • Ion is somehow at prom and becomes romantic interests with Neon.
  • Isotope is at prom and becomes romantic interests with Oxy.


Then it’s time to go home before the police catch them! Go go go!


Prom pictures actually worked this time. The pictures and Oxy’s crown will be put in the museum when the actual portraits are also completed.


Flo: So it turns out you could have come to prom and become my romantic interest, but instead you stayed home and I started flirting with some guy I never met before tonight. You mad?

Einstein: Uh… we never actually flirted and we’re just biffles, so I’m cool with it.


I took this picture because I got a new lighting mod and it is absolutely amazing. Smile with tongue out


Typical day at the Mendeleev household now. Everyone’s up, happy, and skilling/painting.

Nitrogen: *cough* slavedriver *cough*

Shut up.

Next time, reaper baby? Maybe?


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