Home Alone


Now that Oxygen is a teenager, he’s taken an interest in girls. A robot/stuffed animal girl that only he can see, but it’s still a girl.

Oxy: Isotope, your eyes are as blue as the sky. And also a bit creepy.


Isotope: Aw, I love you Oxy!

Oxy: I love you too!


Theo: What the hell is my grandson doing?

I have no idea.


Oxy: I really want to kiss you, but I don’t have the option to do it because you’re an imaginary friend.


Isotope: I think he just doesn’t like me. My figure isn’t exactly feminine.


Also, we bought a digger. Underground adventures await!


Shing goes down the hole first, and he didn’t expect it to be quite so far down.


Hey, look! This is Carbon’s son, Santos. He’s got eyes that are really pretty and sparkly. It’s too bad he’s related to the Mendeleevs.


Flo had a ballet recital, and she looks adorable in her tutu.


She got the same trophy as Lithium did, but Flo actually participated in her ballet class and earned the trophy.

Flo: I can’t wait to show Mom!

Except she can’t because all of the parents went on vacation while she was at the recital.


The twins are going to have a birthday, so I try to have Oxy throw a party for them, but he can only throw a teen party. I can’t just invite the party guests with the ‘invite over’ interaction either because Oxy only has teens show up on his invite list. I tried to have one of the kids throw the party, but they can’t because there are no adults in the household.


Ion: I’m going to strangle myself if you don’t play with me!

Neon: I don’t think you can actually do that, since you’re imaginary and don’t need to breath.

Then everyone goes to sleep at the same time so I wander around town.


This would be sooo shady if that wasn’t Santos’s dad.


The orange van that had been in a car accident is still there, so I deleted it.


The imaginary friends are sort of creepy, but they are still kids, so they do cute stuff like this sometimes. Ion and Neon were playing in the tree house together.


Fluorine still has the ability to invite over non-teens, so she calls some people up so we can have a quasi-birthday party.

Flo: No, it’s not a party, it’s just a gathering that is functionally indistinguishable from a party. I’m inviting you because my creator forgot that I have the shy trait.


And the quasi-birthday party happens. There were some non-teens, too, but everyone besides Shonda was standing around out front.


Fluorine aged up grumpy, so she’s now goth. Or scene. Or emo. Or whatever you’d call it. I think she’s quite pretty; she’s got a unique look to her.

Grumpy + Genius reminds me of this:

Studies show intelligent girls are more depressed
Because they know
That the world can lie


Neon is also very handsome. He has no sense of humor, so he doesn’t appreciate it when I make fun of him for not being afraid of anything… except for water.


I just discovered that sims can slide down the spiral staircases. Flo had to go up and down about five times before I managed to catch it, because it’s so fast.


Einstein: Prom’s on Tuesday.

Flo: Yep.

Einstein: …

Flo: … I can’t take you as my date, Einstein. You’re imaginary.


Neon wanted to get an athletic skill, so I set him up on the treadmill.

Ion: You’ve got a nice butt.

She’s got the inappropriate trait, by the way.


Flo found the hole in the backyard, which hadn’t been fully explored by Shing yet. He left for the vacation before he could finish.


Flo: Going to Wonderland, brb!


Since IFs are programmed to stalk their owners, Einstein is at a loss for what to do while she’s down there.


Flo: We had tea. It was cool.

She did go to Wonderland, too, because I got an update about her hanging out under giant mushrooms.


Oxy: Can you stop reading over my shoulder?

Isotope: Can’t. It’s in the Imaginary Friend contract.


Oxy: I have no idea what to write in this report on Moby Dick.

Flo: I have no idea how I got this assignment, since I just started high school yesterday. Which was Saturday.


Oxy: You’re just didn’t like the book because you’re afraid of water.

Flo: Person person minus, Oxy. Person person minus.


I don’t think we’ve had any pictures of Sodium just because she’s cute, so here are a couple.


I also just realized that, since Flo is sort of goth/scene/emo/whatever, both of the girls are wearing black and yellow, but I think they look different enough that it won’t cause any confusion.

And now I have this stuck in my head. Annoyed


You can’t go in a hole once it stopped being shiny, and we got a pop-up saying to clean up before the parents get home, so Flo is trying to fill the hole back in.

It’s still going to be obvious that there was a huge, gaping hole in the yard, no matter what she…


Flo: Good as new.

Wha… how did the grass grow back so fast?

Flo: Don’t question it. Good. As. New.


  • Lorie had a baby girl, Joni, with… Lincoln Baker? Maybe? My notes are bad.
  • Hydrogen married Blaise Kindle, who is an elder. But there’s still hope for Hydrogen babies because I have it set so the guy can get pregnant if the woman is an elder.

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