The family has some money left over after building the museum (a lot of money, actually) so it’s time to buy some businesses.


We partnered with and then bought out the diner, which is now Ellie’s Eatery.


There’s some old people drama going on out front.

Lang: Why did you have to cheat on me with Marc??

Woman whose name I forget: I have needs, Lang! Needs you can’t fulfill because you don’t have a body!

I need to remember to get some male pregnancy clothes.


Then Shing gets a partnership with the bistro. Once we buy that, we only need to buy the grocery store and we’ll control all of the food in Twinbrook. And then we’ll use that power to… do something.

There are a bunch of old people here, too. There are old people all over, actually. The original population of Twinbrook is starting to age.


There was also a horrible, horrible car accident outside of the bistro as well.


It doesn’t look like Lincoln will be surviving this. But it’s his fault for ramming into a parked car. Or is it the other car’s fault for parking in the middle of the road? Or is it the town’s fault because the roads aren’t wide enough for a car to pull over and park, yet there aren’t many parking spaces on lots either?


That night, Lithium takes Sodium and sits in the wedding chairs for a while.

Lithium: Yeah, I’m going to be the only one taking care of this kid too, right?


Then LIthium paints another picture. She has to sell paintings to get promoted, but she keeps painting things I don’t want to give away. Like a girl with white hair and a peacock on her head.


And Zhan does this just about every night.


The next day is a field trip, so I send the kids out early because when they take the bus I get notifications saying they were all late on a field trip day. Then they don’t get to go.

It was so early when they left (around 5) that I sent NItrogen out with them in case the curfew police would pick them up.


Nitrogen was carrying Sodium at the time, and she decides to leave the baby on the ground so she can play on the playground.


Nitrogen: I can’t swing because the baby’s in the way.

I watched this with a morbid curiosity, wondering if she’d actually swing with the baby right under her. I’m very glad the game was able to stop Nitrogen when common sense couldn’t.


Potential spouse alert! He’s not all that good-looking, but this guy’s name is Dmitri. If he marries Flo and takes her last name, he’ll be Dmitri Mendeleev. Open-mouthed smile  Then again… that jaw. I suppose a different haircut might be able to fix it, though. The biggest problem is how much older he is.


Meanwhile, the kids are going to the cemetery for a fun-filled field trip!

Flo: I’m much more comfortable around the dead than around the living. I don’t have to worry about my shyness among the dead.

O…kay then.


Neon: I’m not afraid of anything!! Except for the lake. *shudder*


While they’re inside, I find this ghost that’s still hanging around. S. Windler Racket. What kind of name is Windler? (No offense to people named Windler.)


One thing I hate about field trips is the kids don’t get the midday feeding that they do when they have a normal day of school.

Oxy: I spent the whole day trekking through the catacombs on an empty stomach!


Flo: Oh let’s name the zones, the zones, the zones
Let’s name the zones of the open sea
There’s epipelagic, mesopelagic, bathyal,abyssopelagic
All the rest are too deep for you and me to see


Lithium ages up to elder, and I think the prospect of getting wrinkles broke her brain.


Lithium: Okay, how bad is it?

Not too bad, actually. She’s very pretty.

Lithium got a dye job because there’s no way she’d ever keep her grey hair.


Theo maxed his logic skill, meaning he got his LTW, meaning…


Theo: Betrayed moodlet, begone!

We got a moodlet manager!


It was also time for Sodium to age up. She’s  a blonde, rather than having her mommy’s white hair, but she’s got a really nice eye shape. I have to confess I sort of want her to be heiress just so she’ll be in the house when it’s time for Chlorine to come and I can be all ‘Sodium Chloride is salt ha ha’.

She has yellow for her favorite color and black because of who her dad is.


D’aw, she’s a cutie. Even if she is pink.


Flo: This is my brother’s castle, right?







Flourine has some hidden rage issues, I think.


Fluorine: And once we begin collecting from our businesses, we’ll be able to buy more businesses and our profits will snowball.

Einstein: I’m making a starfish! Please don’t kill me.


Okay, one last birthday. Promise. Oxy has to become a teenager.


Oxy’s cute emo kid face didn’t translate well onto a teenager, I think. :/ He’s not completely unfortunate-looking; I was just expecting something uber-adorable to come out of his already uber-adorable face. Oh, and he rolled handy.

Updates. There are a lot of them that happened in this chapter:

  • Carbon has a baby named Santos.
  • Berry has a baby named Jameel.
  • Lorie is dating Lincoln Baker.
  • I get updates about Mulan being romantic with a load of guys at once, including Lincoln Baker’s father.
  • Mulan is pregnant with Bill Clarke’s baby.

One thought on “Monopoly

  1. Im excited for imaginary friend babies! Also i love nemo quotes 🙂 cant wait to see who gets to be heir. I understand about the frustrations of game glitches since i get them too, but i was disappointed that nitrogen lost her imaginary friend. Im almost caught up. Your legacy is addictive.

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