Confessions and Possessions


Nitrogen: BRALG!

Nitogen is pregnant with the Grim Reaper’s child. It’s pretty exciting. But getting up to puke and pop into pregnancy clothing wasn’t that great because she’s got a red mood and I’m still trying to get the rest of the family to be happy after the twins’ birthday party from Hell.


Ion doesn’t help things because she decides to change into her doll form right in front of the boys’ bedroom door. It took me a long time to figure out why Oxygen wasn’t going to bed.

*moves toy*


Jamar: That was an impressive display of evil. I think I might have underestimated you imaginary friends.

Ion: Whatever I can do to help Neon get heirship. I want to be a real girl!

Even if they’re all exhausted and hungry and about to die, I send the family to the park so I can redo the house a bit before Nitrogen’s baby is born.


Except Oxy. He was way too tired to even get off of the lot, so I let him sleep in the tree house.


The first floor is now one big room, except for the two tiny bathrooms in the corner.


This is the second floor. Any sim who decides there’s not enough room to give the baby a bottle will be executed. Painfully.

The big room with the bunkbeds got split into a boys’ room and a girls’ room later on, with an adjoining door.

Then the family moves back in. I didn’t get any pictures at the park because they were too tired/hungry/whatever to actually do anything there.


Flo, being a genius, decides to steal the the chemistry table from her grandpa. I really like her tie.

I then found myself thinking about how awesome it would be if there were a way for Flo and Theo to skill logic at the same time…


Oh. Right. There’s also the added bonus of social gain, although I feel bad about pitting Flo’s one point of logic against Theo’s eight.


He’s moving the wrong-colored piece, though, so Flo might actually stand a chance.


I mostly ignore Neon because there isn’t really a child-friendly hobby that matches his traits. Besides, I’m still a bit mad at him for the birthday fiasco, even if it wasn’t his fault.


Oxygen writes, because he’s had a want to learn the writing skill since he was in the womb, practically. His ambitious trait gives him a bad moodlet if he doesn’t get skill points, so I’ve got him skilling a lot to keep him happy.


Both the ghosts are out tonight! Zhan is on the trampoline…


And Ellie is haunting the entire dining table plus eight chairs, because Ellie’s got mad ghost skills.

Tonight is also the night where the guilt becomes too much for Nitrogen to bear…


Nitrogen: Shing, this isn’t your baby. It’s Death’s baby.

Ellie: This would be so dramatic if I wasn’t here. Open-mouthed smile


Shing: What do you mean it’s Death’s child?

Nitrogen: Let me explain…

But he doesn’t let her explain because he’s too tired. And Nitrogen’s really tired, but she had to sleep in the bottom bunk of Flo’s bed.


Ellie! Don’t you care about what your granddaughter is going through?

Ellie: Don’t care. Television on.


The next morning, Flo is telling a scary story even though it’s super bright out.


Einstein’s scared of her story, anyway, so maybe it’s best that it’s not dark. Maybe her story is so scary that listening to it in the dark will kill you with fear.


Flo actually gets along with her IF, which makes it more cute than scary. The IFs are creepier when the kid doesn’t care one way or another about them and they follow the kid around like stalkers.


Nitrogen and Shing continue their conversation after they both had a chance to get some rest.

Nitrogen: See, it’s not cheating when the real dad is like a force of nature or something. Like with Joseph and Mary. And… uh… having Death’s child just involves a bunch of hand-waving and stuff. For real. No woohoo at all.

As far as he knows.


This picture commemorates  Theo reaching level 9 of the logic skill. One more skill point to go before we reach his LTW!


Neon tries to win my favor by being cute… okay, he succeeds. I don’t hate Neon anymore.


When Oxygen isn’t freaking out because oh my science he hasn’t gained a skill point since like three hours ago and if he doesn’t get another writing point he’ll end up working in a drive through… he’s doing cute stuff like this.

Oxy: I’m going to build this tower all the way up to Heaven and talk to God!

Isotope: Yeah, sure.


Best friend hugs! Flo and Einstein are completely biffles, which will be great if she’s heiress and has to have babies with him.

Flo: What.


Isotope is a loser, Einstein is an awesome friend, and Ion is just insane. Here she is talking to her own ‘imaginary friends’.


Ion: ‘Sup, Jamar?

Jamar: The new kid’s coming soon, and if one of your kind claims him first, I’m going to go Chucky on your asses.


At this point in Nitrogen’s pregnancy, her stomach is so big that it busted through the back of the guitar.


Of course the baby has to come when Nitrogen is in the smallest room in the house, right before she got a chance to use the toilet… which is going weird for some reason.


Theo: Get out of the way! I need to use the toilet.

Nitrogen: I’m giving birth and there are three other toilets in the house.

Theo: Please?

Nitrogen: Fine.


And Flo is outside, meaning I have to hear the horrible screaming sound that sim children make. It breaks my heart just about every time.


Nitrogen: Go to bed, dear. It’s a school night.


Flo: Okay.


Sadly, the baby, Sodium , is born with a normal skin color. Boo.

Nitrogen: You mean I didn’t have to confess about the cheating. Shoot.

Sodium is a couch potato and light sleeper.


I used the ‘build on this lot’ cheat to build the Mendeleev Museum on another nearby lot, so the massive amount of pictures won’t be lagging my game as we go through more generations. This way, the funds still come out of the family’s account.

I tried buying the lot, but empty lots labeled as ‘Art Gallery’ cost like 80,000 while empty lots labeled fishing spot cost 20,000. I tried to buy it as a fishing spot and convert it into an art gallery, but that makes the lot not belong to the family any more and just gives back the moneys.


The museum is apparently a hotspot for Twinbrook’s old ladies. Visiting the museum was actually the last thing Silver Racket did before dying.


Sodium officially has no IF, and Jamar is happy that he/she/it now has a minion, although Sodium doesn’t seem like she’ll be much of a minion judging by her traits so far.

I might try for a baby with reaper skin. I’m not sure yet, though.


2 thoughts on “Confessions and Possessions

  1. Did you use Twallen’s Woohooer to have your Reaper baby? My Legacy’s Generation Six Heiress is Reaper’s daughter, but I used a downloaded Reaper from the exchange.

    • I got her to do the pre-woohoo kisses with the actual Reaper, but then he disappeared because one of the EA patches made it so you can’t make a baby with Grim or something like that. So I used one from the Exchange.

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