Near Death Experience


I almost completely forgot about taking Isotope out of Oxy’s inventory until I noticed him playing with her… in the bathroom.


I checked out her traits, and Isotope is a loser, which is the only one I remember. But she’s also immune to fire, which is pretty awesome.


Isotope: Wanna go to the movies with me? *bats nonexistent eyelashes*

Oxy: Sure… except you turn into a doll when you’re not on the home lot.


Lithium painted this. Open-mouthed smile


Isotope: Oxygen’s mine, now!

Jamar: Curse my inability to move!


Isotope: We’re gonna have babies when we grow up!

It seems sort of creepy, but it’s actually innocent. It’s sort of like how my little cousin insists he’s married to this one girl in his class.


Lithium: Here we go again. Flo, say money.

Flo: Grandmother, I need a more advanced curriculum  than ‘say money’ or I’ll get bored and never reach my full potential.


Lithium: Fine. Say government graft.

Flo: Government graft. The acquisition of money, gain, or advantage from dishonest, unfair, or illegal means.


Theo: Neon, say fight.

Neon: Fight!

Theo: Good. We’re done.


Frack! This is why we have Lithium teach the baby how to talk. I let Nitrogen try and just look what she does.

Flo: Mother, I already know how babies are made. I wasn’t born yesterday. I was born five days ago.


We get a little pop-up saying Dennis Racket is about to pass on, so Nitrogen goes to the Racket household so we can catch the Reaper again, since she’s not pregnant anymore.


It’s two o’clock in the morning and this kid lets Nitrogen into his house without question. Better yet, his parents aren’t even home.

Nitrogen: You’re so lucky I’m not one of the people who might hurt you.

Turns out there are two Racket households now, anyway, so Nitrogen leaves for the other house.


While we’re waiting for the Reaper, I mostly leave the other sims to their own devices until I look over and see Flo is in the red. I keep telling the adults to give her a bottle, and they keep going downstairs and expecting her to follow. Then she’ll sit there at the top of the stairs wondering why her family is too stupid to give her a freaking bottle, which blocked the staircase for anyone who wanted to use it.Baring teeth smile

I got it sorted out, but… &$#$$#@^*^@!$%$&^!!!!!


So we finally found the right Racket house.

Kori: Are you single?

Dennis: Wow, you’re a moron if you’re asking that and my wife is RIGHT. THERE.


Yessssss…Angry smile


Let’s just say that Nitrogen had a very near death experience…


I got an elevator, so at least the toddlers will be able to go downstairs if the parents won’t carry them downstairs (because toddlers are totally tall enough to reach the buttons) but I don’t like it there so I’m going to remodel the house a little once the twins are older.


I get a memo that Oxy is going home with Shonda after school, which is awesome because I want to marry the Coddles into the legacy at some point. I’m planning on imaginary babies, but I want some non-imaginary choices as well in case the imaginary kids annoy me like vampire kids do. (Vampire kids max skills in, like, a second, which always makes me feel cheatsy.)


Shonda’s not at cute as she was when she was a toddler, but most sims look adorable as toddlers and then sort of ‘eh’ as children. There are only a few sims who I thought were cute as kids; most of them are kind of odd-looking and doughy-faced.


I have Oxy socializing with Shonda and am reminded once again that my sims can’t handle themselves for even a few minutes alone. It’s a good thing this isn’t an Elemental ISBI or they’d all have killed themselves by now.


It’s cake time for the twins so I can send them all to the beach or something on Saturday (which is tomorrow in-game) and change the house layout a bit. I think the problem with giving the toddlers bottles was there wasn’t enough open space upstairs.


Theo: Instead of a birthday, I think I’ll just give her a bottle.

If you just brought her to the cake she could feed herself.


Nitrogen takes her to the cake instead. I have the mouse poised on Master Controller, prepared to kill her if she decides to bring Flo to her crib instead. She could be carrying the most amazing Reaper baby of all time, but if she messes up another birthday I will kill her dead and won’t care.


The birthday is a success, and Fluorine grows up… with really big lips. I ended up giving her lipstick because they were oddly colored as their ‘natural’ color. I think they look more natural now.

Fluorine now has the shy trait. I would be untrusting of people, too, if they couldn’t figure out how to feed me as a toddler.


Oh… now  I remember why I hate twins. Because their birthdays take forever. Flo’s began at around seven. It is now three in the morning. Everyone is in the red except Neon, who is in the yellow.


Neon grows up to love the outdoors and I make his outfits in like five minutes flat because I’m annoyed with him.

Neon: But it’s not my fault…

Don’t care.

Next time: Reaper babies? Imaginary friends? MONKEYS? Not monkeys.


4 thoughts on “Near Death Experience

  1. OMG. I have the toddler curse too. And the annoying thing is they used to be able to feed the toddlers, but now they absolutely refuse to. They just stand at the bottom of the stairs waiting for the kid to come down, while the kid is screaming its head off because it can’t.
    I like your elevator fix though. I was at the point of putting the nursery downstairs but I think i’ll try that.

    And yay, I’ve never seen Reaper babies before!!

  2. How did you get the reaper to hang around long enough?? Anytime I try to get my Sims to talk to him, they say like three things and then he disappears.

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