Jealous Dollies


Poor Flourine. Her mom can’t seem to carry her the right way.

The last chapter ended when Nitrogen gave birth to two babies, but the babies weren’t Shing’s! Their real father is Rich Wehloff, who lives across the street.


The twins’ room is… very bright. Flourine likes red but I’m making her color yellow because that’s what Flourine looks like. Neon likes bright green, so if I gave Flourine red then the room would look all Christmassy.


Even though their father is black, both of the twins have light skin. Neon’s a bit darker than everyone else in the family, but not enough that it’ll raise eyebrows.

My drama-babies are not doing their job very well at the moment.


I don’t think Shing would notice even if the twins were as dark as their real father, since he’s absent-minded.


Jamar: Isotope has stolen my minion!

Isotope: Dude, there are two new kids now.

Jamar: Fine. I’ll give up on Oxygen and find an unclaimed child to be my minion.


You’ve got to be kidding me. Flo has an imaginary friend named Einstein.


You’ve GOT to be kidding me. Who put Neon in the wrong crib?

Oh, and Neon has an imaginary friend named Ion.


Jamar: Those sissy dollies have taken all of my potential minions? This is–



Jamar: Exactly what I was going to say.

Watch your language, Jamar, or I won’t let you around any of the kids.

Oxy makes the cutest poopy faces, though.


Every time I check, it seems like one of the kids has been put in the wrong crib, but Oxy only has a few days left as a toddler. After that I won’t have to worry about the crib dilemma anymore.


Ellie’s made her first appearance as a ghost, and I still think ghostie glasses look awesome. For some reason, Ellie is in her bathing suit. I think she might have been on the water slide.


The treadmill was the first object to be officially haunted.

Ellie: This is the ghostly version of working out. I mean, Ghost.


Remember that little argument in the beginning of the legacy about magic vs. science? Ghosts don’t seem very scientific…

Ellie: Obviously you can’t bear to see me gone, so you’ve subconsciously imagined me floating around as a ghost as a coping mechanism. No magic here.

Whatever, Ellie.


Since Lithium is the only one who doesn’t have to work on skilling, she’s the one to take care of the babies for the most part.


Lithium: I just singlehandedly taught Oxy how to talk, walk, and go to the bathroom. Oxy, what did I teach you to say?

Oxy: Best gramma ever!

Lithium: Hell yes.


Since he’s learned all of his skills, Oxy gets to spend his free time playing with Isotope now. I’m not sure how much you actually have to play with the thing to make it come to life, so I’ll err on the side of overkill.


Working on his logic skill, Theo discovered a new potion, and this one is awesome. It’s the potion to make an imaginary friend real. It costs much more than we can afford to make a second one, so we’ve only got one for now. Since all three kids have an IF at the moment, though, I think the IF belonging to our heir/heiress will be the one to become real.

It’s time for the twins to become toddlers! I didn’t use a cake this time because it doesn’t seem to be working. Sad smile


Flourine’s got a face that’s unique in the Mendeleev family, so I’m guessing she takes after her dad. Her nose is kind of wide, so it will be interesting to see how it turns out as she gets older. I’ve got crossed fingers, hoping her nose won’t turn out like Zo’s. Flo’s hair is inherited from Lithium, and the red streaks are now genetic since they were added in CAS rather than added after the start of the game.

Do you like her shirt? ‘Cause she’s a genius. Get it?


Neon’s got a face that’s similar to his twin’s, but I think his eyes and nose are a bit larger.  He’s definitely darker than the rest of the family (it was kind of hard to tell when he was a baby) but not by much. He’s got his mommy’s white hair, which makes both of the boys now.


I’m very happy with their sleep outfits. The shirts only really work for opposite-gender twins, because each shirt only has the arrow pointing in one direction.


The shirts also meant I spent almost an entire sim morning getting the kids to sit near each other on the right sides. I could have used the move objects cheat, but that would be too easy.

And with three toddlers in the house, there’s got to be some toddler spam, right?


Oxy stopped being all huggy with his toy and started smacking it around like other toddlers.

Jamar: Yes! Feel that beating, Isotope! Feel the wrath I have instilled in my minion!


Flo: Oh, Einstein. You’re the only one who truly understands my aversion to water. Neon shares it, but I simply can’t hold a stimulating conversation with him. Watch.


Flo: Neon, how to you feel about the possibility of a pool or lake being added behind the house?


Neon: Like this! *smack smack smack*


Neon: I’m sorry, Ion. I just hate water, is all.

Flo: Thinking smile



Shing painted this and I thought it went amazingly with the house’s walls. I think it’s like a Pokemon or something? Probably not though.


Time for Oxygen to age up.


This. What is it.

Oh, right. Let’s see what Oxy looks like!


He looked kind of angsty no matter what hair I gave him, so I just went with it. I love his face; it’s very unique. He’s got a very slight case of bimple pox, but he’ll grow out of it when he gets to be a teen. I’m sure he’ll be very handsome… and angsty looking.

Oxy grew up with the Ambitious trait. Mixed with the brave trait, I’m predicting a future firefighter, but that depends on what he gets as he grows older.


Oxy: I’m going to grow up and have lots of trophies in the family museum.

Lithium: People might remember you by your cute little trophies, but I painted all of the portraits for three generations. Every family member’s exhibit is a reminder of me. Beat that, kid.

Because chapter makes it seem like the Mendeleev family is running smoothly, the following picture is here to remind you that it really isn’t.


Theo, don’t pee on Flo!

Quick family update: Carbon is having a baby with Buck Green; the first Mendeleev outside of the family to be having a baby in this save file. There would be more, but the boys are dating elders. :/


One thought on “Jealous Dollies

  1. Lithium: I just singlehandedly taught Oxy how to talk, walk, and go to the bathroom. Oxy, what did I teach you to say?

    Oxy: Best gramma ever!

    Lithium: Hell yes.

    BEST PART EVER. I burst out laughing when I saw this 😛

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