The Circle of Life

With a title like that, you can probably guess at least one of the things happening in this chapter. So let’s continue.


Shing gets a few days off to settle in with his wife, which he uses to work on his architectural drawing. I’ve heard of sims getting to level 5 of the ghost hunting career without catching a single ghost, so Shing will be trying for promotions even if he can’t go to work.


He also paints.

Shing: This is a picture of me and Nitrogen.

Aw, that’s so cute. *sells*


Yesss. Theo just reached level 10 of the handiness skill. Just a few logic skill points away from LTW achievement.


He celebrates by making out with his wife. Actually, all three couples constantly roll wants for each other. It’s adorable. I just don’t take pictures of it all because the legacy would become a bunch of kissy pictures with nothing else.


Nitrogen’s baby bump is growing quite nicely, although I don’t like how the lion statue is eying it.

Simba: I will eat your baby!

Nooooo! Yeah, I named the statue Simba. The larger one out front, which Boron sculpted, is Mufasa.


Cute baby bump picture!

Shign: Are you sure the baby’s talking in there?

Nitrogen: Yeah, I hear a voice coming from in there. Then again, I hear voices coming from everything.


Since I love the music Nitrogen plays, I have Ellie record it so the rest of the family can watch it on the television. She stood up in the middle and I thought she was going to give birth, but she was just going to the bathroom.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if I got a birth on home video, though?


Nitrogen sits down to watch the video with her grandmother, and she talks about—of course—gardening.


Nitrogen: Yep, Shing planted some seeds alright…

Ellie: Person person plus!

NO. Person person MINUS. Stop with the gardening already. Please.


Nitrogen: Yeah, whatever. I’m, like, eight months pregnant and I need a drink.


Because this won’t hurt the baby at all. My only hope is that the baby is so close to being born that the alcohol won’t have time to reach it before it’s out of the womb.

Afterwards, Nitrogen plays more piano and I decided to take a video that you could watch.


So guess what happens while I’m recording the video.


Zhan died. Sad smile

I’m a horrible sim mommy. I didn’t realize it until the Reaper music started to play.


Death: Zhan Mendeleev, you’ve reached the end of your mortal… seriously? The bathroom? There’s no space in here and… you know what? I don’t care. You’re dead now, okay?


Zhan’s loving wife completely ignores the fact that he’s dying.


Zhan: Do I really have to have that dinky little urn? I completed my Lifetime Wish.

Death: Yeah, but with all of the moving around and glitches some of your happiness points got lost. So you’re stuck with this. Deal with it.


Zhan: Please let me live just a little longer so I can get a better urn?

Death: Sorry, I can’t do that. You’ll have to take it up with the management.


Death: Now that that’s done, maybe I can spend a little free time makin’ reaper babies…

Seriously? Even Death?


So Zhan dies with the worst urn in the game. He is survived by his wife, four kids, and five grandchildren. And one great-grandfetus.


I send Nitrogen over to talk to Death for a bit so maybe we can has reaper babies once she’s not pregnant, but he disappears because he’s a doodie head.


Not you too, Ellie! Sad smile You were supposed to wait until Nitrogen gave birth! Does no one care about reaper babies in this household?

At least I managed to catch it this time.


On the bright side, Ellie’s glasses look freaking amazing.


Death: Seriously? Two in one day? At least it’s not in the bathroom this time. Ellie Mendeleev, end of mortal coil, yadda yadda yadda, get in the urn.



Ellie: Please, give me a little longer to live? My first great-grandchild could be born any minute.


And by any minute she means now!

Poor Ellie’s already gone, though. If she’d just lived for a little longer she would have met Oxygen. And then Nitrogen would have been free for reaper babies. 😡


Oxygen is brave and clumsy, and he will probably be the subject of many air and breathing related puns.


The founders of the Elemental Legacy are gone, and they’ll be outside of the museum because they won’t fit inside with the stairs and all. But we’ll pretend like it’s a place of honor. They probably should have gotten better graves, but I’m fine with it. They were a loving couple even though Zhan cheated a lot, and I don’t think I could ask for better founders.

I would say rest in peace, but I don’t want them to RIP. I want them to visit me as ghosties ASAP.


2 thoughts on “The Circle of Life

  1. 2.5 year late comments are AWESOME! I just totally laughed out loud at how Zhan was survived by one great-grandfetus. Although very sad about the dying and stuff.

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