Naughty or Nice?

In this chapter, I got an extremely early release of the Sims 3 Christmas expansion! Or not.


The strollers in Generations are just too adorable. I sent Lithium to the consignment store with Oxygen… until I realized how slow using the stroller really is.


So she got a taxi cab instead.


Oxygen: Look, gramma! Funny old man.

Lithium: Be nice, Oxy.

Lithium’s just touchy about the subject of age because she’ll be an elder soon.


Then I get to see my first ever limo! I’ve been playing this game for, like, two years and I haven’t seen a limo until now.


It’s the old guy’s limo! He’s driving it, though. Who drives their own limo?


While at the store, Lithium sees this interesting pair.  I’m pretty sure the guy is pregnant, but I don’t have male pregnancy clothing so his body just vanishes.


And then this guy stands in front of the cash registerr. He not only talks about Lithium, but he’s keeping Lithium from buying things. Rude.

There are three registers because each register will sell something different and there’s more variety.

Here’s what we got:


A harvester, which will hopefully make gardens less annoying when I get another gardening sim.


The family’s first magic gnome, named David. Because he’s a statue and there’s a statue called…

David: Yeah. Don’t explain the joke.


Also, a time machine! Which I painted blue!

Sadly, Nitrogen can’t use it because she’s pregnant. Because the time stream might mess with the baby or something?


So I send Lithium in instead. Nothing much happens, though. I want to try and get a kid from the time machine at some point. Not one of the elder or teen ones, but the one where you get a pop-up saying the kid looks familiar and they just appear at child age.


Shing: Can you say shoes, Oxy?

Oxygen: Soos!



Oxygen is really sweet with his imaginary friend, unlike Nitrogen. I didn’t catch him beating it once, but I did see him giving lots and lots of hugs.


Oxygen: Isotope is my best friend!

Cool. When you get older we’re going to try for imaginary babies.

Oxygen: Say what?


Since Shing needs to master the guitar for his new LTW, he actually gets to spend time with his wife. It’s nice.


More cuteness.


Nitrogen’s stomach is getting very round now, so it shouldn’t be too long before the new baby is born.


Theo made a ghost potion, so he’s going to try it out for us. I think he’s at level eight in logic right now, so he’s got time to fool around a bit.


Theo: Ghost

It lasts for three hours, and he can float around and stuff. Since he can float through things, this may or may not be good for tombs. I ‘m not sure since I’ve never tried a ghost in a tomb before, so I don’t know if they can float through things. They might at least be able to go over traps.


The family gets a memory for seeing his ghost, too. This might work to fulfill wishes to ‘see ghost of sim’ without killing off the sim in question. I’ll have Theo make another one and we’ll see if being a fake ghost might satisfy the gold digger LTW later in the legacy.


Nitrogen goes into labor hiding behind the giant bass, making it hard to take a decent picture of her.

Lorie is waiting at the hospital when they get there.


Lorie: My cousin is giving birth!! OHMYGOD!!!

They’re cousins, right? Half-cousins? Something.


Baby Fluorine is a lovely little girl who is a genius and hydrophobic.


Neon is a little boy who is brave and hydrophobic. He’s not afraid of anything! Except water.

I’m a little disappointed that neither of the babies are black. It would have made Nitrogen’s little secret painfully obvious.

Nitrogen: Why would they be black? Neither of their parents are black.

You’d like Shing to think that, wouldn’t you?

While Shing was out doing renovations, Nitrogen was also visiting some neighbors…


The visit didn’t go exactly as planned.

Oh, and the girl who was at the wedding wasn’t Zo, but she did have a really big nose so they might have been related.

Nitrogen: Annoyed

Fine. Getting back to the story…


Carbon’s twin sense must have been tingling, because she showed up right after Nitrogen. Having no excuse for being at the Wehloff’s house and knowing that Carbon might tell the family, Nitrogen snuck upstairs to hide.


But she did a bit more than hide…

Remember how Rich had another girl on the side in this chapter? It was totally foreshadowing! I foreshadowed!

Nitrogen: You had me do it so you could experiment with the stupid Generations reputation system.

Nitrogen is now ‘naughty’. Smile She didn’t look too upset about woohooing Rich, either.


Nitrogen: Whatever. I’m not telling Shing.

Um… the baby?


Then Nitrogen and Shing merge into one, completely breaking any feeling of drama I had going in my game.


Will Shing ever discover the truth about the twins? (Probably not. Sims don’t recognize whether kids look like them or not.) What will the twins look like? Will Jamar and Isotope brawl? Find out in the next chapter of the Elemental Legacy!


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