Happy Unbirthday to You

I have a bit of an odd glitch where the babies aren’t added to the family until after you go to the main menu and open the game again, but it’s not that big of a deal.


It means I have a second picture of Oxygen right after he was born, though, because his favorite color is brown and I changed his blanket after opening the game again. It’s actually leather, to match his mother’s leather… Nitrogen has a lot of leather outfits. I just noticed that.


Lithium: WAH! Mom would have loved to see this painting! Sad smile

It’s very pretty.


The next day is  Shing’s first day on the job, and he starts the day by practicing Alcohol Fu, the ancient Chinese art of getting drunk.

I don’t mind all that much because he doesn’t lose job performance for being late. He can take his own sweet time with all of his job stuff. It’s lovely.


His first job is a renovation for Molly Coddle. I absolutely love Molly. I don’t know her traits and I’ve never played her, but she’s adorable.


She has a daughter who is the exact same age as Oxygen. The EXACT age, down to the day. I will be keeping an eye on her as a potential spouse.

With the money Molly gave Shing, it’s time to buy some toys for Oxygen.


Jamar: I’M BAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!! And I know I wasn’t the very first piece of CC you downloaded. Were you trying to get rid of me? You shall feel my WRATH.

… Hi Jamar.


Lithium: WAH! Mom used to love the water slide!

Sim mourning kind of annoys me because the ghosts show up all the time. And then they have the nerve to be like ‘ew, a ghost’ when it’s obviously someone they’ve just been mourning.


Speaking of which, it’s Zhan! Hi Zhan!


The first thing Zhan does as a ghost is use the trampoline. It might seem like he’s being a bit heartless for not visiting the family, but would you want to see your family after you died if you knew they’d just be all ‘ew, a ghost!’ instead of ‘OMG we missed you!’?


Zhan does way better on the trampoline than I’ve ever seen any living sim do. Probably because he doesn’t have to worry about breaking his neck if he falls.


The house across the street also got a haunting, but it was a ghost hunter haunting and the music played all night. It was annoying. Mulan’s the ghost hunter and she should be on top of things like this.


The architect profession annoys me because the clients keep asking for things they already have. Molly wanted a double bed because she was getting married, but she already had a double bed, and it wasn’t being used by anyone but her. She didn’t ask for a crib, though, and that was what she needed.

This person wants a sculpting area, but they obviously have one already.


A party is thrown for Oxygen, and it was horrible. Nitrogen had to pee before she could take Oxygen to the cake. Then she had to vomit. then we finally got him down to the cake…


And Nitrogen carries him all the way up to the crib and puts him in. For no reason.

I decide I’ll try again later, since my attempts at getting Oxygen to the cake put the family in red moods.


Oh, and Oxygen has an imaginary friend. I set it as a girl and named her Isotope. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep her this time and experiment with turning her real.


Jamar: How dare you try to replace me? You’ll suffer for this.

Isotope: Come at me, bro!


I changed Shing’s LTW to mastering painting and guitar because I have to save before and after each session in Build or Buy Mode or else the game doesn’t save at all, and it takes just about forever.

After that, I try to age Oxygen into a toddler again. Nitrogen starts putting him into the crib after cake time (what is going on with that?) so I quickly put it in the family inventory.


So she puts him on the ground and pees on him instead. And he still won’t grow up. So I, er, ‘help’ him a little.


Here’s Oxygen, and he’s adorable except for the weird thing under his lip. I’m thinking it’s one of those glitches that happens when two faces don’t mesh together right and he’ll grow out of it soon.

Plus, white hair!


I get a notice that Carbon is being rude, but I would be so happy if one of my guests took out the garbage. Sims are weird.


Adorable! Open-mouthed smile


Another baby is on the way, and hopefully he or she will be as adorable as Oxygen. The next element is Fluorine, though, which is one of the elements that just sounds like a girl’s name rather than a guy’s. Which means I’m expecting a boy because the game likes to mess with me.


Nitrogen: Don’t even think of taking a picture of this.

I wasn’t, since everyone and their hamster has the pregnancy vomit picture, but now that Nitrogen told me not to…


More of Oxygen being adorable in his little bear costume.


Shonda Coddle grows up at the same time as Oxygen, and I had to check her out.

That face. I need it in the family.

And now it’s time for Sim Stalking, Night Time Edition. The part of the chapter where all of my sims are miraculously on the same sleep schedule and I get bored.


It’s Chase Bayless in a bathing suit, looking as bland as ever.


Even when she’s on the water slide, which was enough to make Berry look cute and crack a smile, Chase just looks… eh. Very bland.


Then I find Rosy and Rich Wehloff having a conversation about sports.

Rosy: You should have kept with the football, Rich. We wouldn’t be so rich, but you wouldn’t be so… scrawny.


Rich just walks away. He doesn’t care what Rosy thinks of him because he’s got another girl on the side.

Rosy’s just tired.


Most of the townies I find are just standing there and thinking about how tired they are. They should be at home if they’re tired. It’s the middle of the night!


Eva: I also hate the outdoors. I’m miserable out here.

*facepalm* No one is making you stand outside, you know.


Dilly (?) just sits at a picnic blanket, alone, in the middle of the night. Which is more than a little bit creepy.


Zhan shows up again, and he made himself some drinks. Probably to cope with being dead. Or to cope with the fact that his granddaughter is already filling up his spot in the household with her spawn.


Nitrogen is sitting at the piano while he’s drinking, and she sort of gives him these weird glares from time to time. You’re looking kind of shady, Nitrogen. Hiding anything?

Nitrogen: I don’t have anything to hide.

Or does she? *dramatic music*


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