Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey

So I thought that it would be cool to get the Sims 2 games on to my computer, but installing the Sims 2 somehow messed with Sims 3… or something. Whatever happened, the game wanted me to reinstall the base game. Then the base game wouldn’t recognize the expansions until I reinstalled them. Luckily, I remembered to move just about everything to my desktop when I reinstalled.

Then I opened another save and everything was frozen. Time was still passing and stuff, but I couldn’t get any of the sims to move, and I couldn’t even get the lights in the house to turn on. I’m not even sure what caused the game to break, and…

Oh my science. What’s happening with the Mendeleevs?


Luckily, Nitrogen and Shing seemed to dodge the bullet. I didn’t know that moving the household would fix it at that point, and I was going to be SO. PISSED. if I had to redo all of the portraits again.


China is still doing well, and it’s not freezing up like it had been the last time the Mendeleevs were there, so I send Shing and Nitrogen on missions to earn some money. Nitrogen is doing the vision quest at the dragon cave, like Ellie did.


And Shing is doing the Lost Army tomb thing. Also like Ellie. So I can do these quests in my sleep, although the switching back and forth got a bit tiresome.


A picture of Nitrogen going down the stairs. Just because.


So the spirit of the tomb or whatever tells Nitrogen about a prophecy…

Nitrogen: Look, I’m the spirit of the tomb and I’m all mystic and shit. Whatever. I like the voices I normally hear way better than this one.


Shing: There are piranhas in here!

Yeah, I know. I’ve kind of done this before with Ellie.


Nitrogen dreams about getting married to Shing and it’s sweet. Even though he’s basically the first guy she met that she could actually get, they’ve grown on each other already. Sort of like Ellie and Zhan or Lithi and Theo.


This is because Nitrogen’s outfit is awesome and China is absolutely beautiful in the background. Why is Sunset Valley not as beautiful as Shang Simla? Why can I not have my sims live here?

Hm… I’ll have to look into that.


After Shing finishes his quest, he’s got another one to spar with a sim two times. But not just any sim. A specific sim. And this means we’re going to have to mess with the wibbly wobbly, timey wimey-ness that is the time stream.


Because Shing needs to fight Shen Su, Zhan’s brother, which means meeting Zhan. I’m a bit nervous about messing with the time stream and all of that, because that can lead to all sorts of monsters popping up. At least Zhan isn’t on the trip with them.

… What  if Zhan met himself? O-O


Shing, I can totally see that heart in your speech bubble! What are you doing?

Shing: So, Shen, I was just thinking about how much I’d love to spar with you…

That’d better be what that heart meant. Shing + Shen = completely screwed up family tree once Shing marries Nitrogen.


Round One! I’m not sure where a brown belt lies, but this looks like Shen has a big advantage.


Even more so when I realize that Shen has, like, the Force or something. I don’t know how else to describe the blue whooshes coming out of him when he moves.


Shing lost, but now it’s time for round two. It’s just a good thing that the quest didn’t say he has to win.


Of course, Zhan has to come in and interrupt them.

Zhan, what part of wibbly wobbly timey wimey do you not understand? Every moment he spends talking to Shing could have disastrous consequences, I feel, seeing as Shing is going to be meeting Old!Zhan as soon as he gets back to Twinbrook.

I don’t know if two Zhans in the relationship panel will mess things up if the game thinks they’re different Zhans, but I think it’s best to leave time-travel things to the professionals. Like the Doctor!


Enough worrying about the time stream! Round two! FIGHT!


As a red belt in martial arts, I find this sort of embarrassing. Shing can’t fight his way out of a paper bag.

Shing! Keep your hands closed! You’re a white belt, you don’t know how to do chops, and you’re going to get a finger jammed. What kind of strike was that, anyway? That was completely ineffective!


Shen’s better, but his arm swinging wildly when he kicks means his face is completely open to a punch. Seriously, dude, keep your hands up.

Then again, with Shing as an opponent, being hit isn’t that much of a concern.


Shing: Okay. I just got the stuffing beat out of me twice.

Lady: Good. Your next step is getting to level five of the martial arts skill and meditating for two hours in the scholar’s garden. Open-mouthed smile

Yeah, we have about six hours left here and Shing is still at level one. I’m going to pass.


Twinbrook is also unbroken, so I have no idea what happened in my other save game.

Well, I’m pretty sure it’s not broken because Ellie and Zhan are actually doing something. In the other game it just sort of reset everyone so they’d just stand there.


I went all out with making Nitrogen’s bedroom now. Rooms are so much easier to make when I’m doing them one at a time rather than the whole house at once. Since Ellie and Zhan are still both alive, we have three master bedrooms right now. Or something.

There are pirate things in this corner because of airship pirates and also Nitrogen’s eye patch.


There’s a dinosaur head because I just felt like it.

We’ll be starting on the next generation soon! Woot woot!


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