The Wild Spouse Chase

The legacy is now under the rule of Nitrogen ‘The Ravager’ Mendeleev, the white-haired, one-eyed beauty. Her first order of business is spouse hunting, and you’ll never guess who I found! Actually, you can probably see the picture already, so I’ll just tell you.


It’s Hydrogen! And he’s playing the drums. Since he’s playing for tips, I’m pretty sure he’s got a decent amount of experience, and that’s when I hatch my idea.

She plays instruments. He plays an instrument. He’s steampunk.She’s steampunk. And I want to try a band. It’s perfect.


Nitrogen: Hey, Uncle Hydrogen. I know we haven’t really talked much at all, but do you think we can start a band together?


Hydrogen agrees, and the Airship Pirates are born! Huzzah!

I’m going to try to get around to a photoshoot with the two of them at some point. And also figure out what exactly a band does.


The band is great and all, but Mulan reminds me that the real reason we’re here is to find a spouse, so I check all over town to see if there’s anyone worthwhile. This is Mulan’s new lover, who’s name I forget. I think this is, like, her fifth one or something.


She’s nice-looking… and a few days away from elder. Annoyed


That’s when I find the perfect guy. Tim Burre. He’s a young adult and single. He’s got interesting features, but not in the way that a lot of Twinbrook residents are ‘interesting’. He looks like someone could actually have that face.


Nitrogen runs over as quick as she can to snatch him up.


The two get on fairly well, with Nitrogen mixing friendly and romantic options. We learn that he is indeed single, and I think their signs ended up being compatible as well.


It always cracks me up that you can go up to another sim, do this, and get positive relationship points rather than have the other sim think you’re insane.

Which Nitrogen is, but that’s not the point.


Nitrogen: I have to leave now because I’m starving and tired, but I’ll see you around, Tim.


The next morning, Berry, Boron, and Carbon move out so we can make room for Tim and the next generation’s babies.


Theo’s on level nine of the handiness skill, BTW. He just needs to max that and then finish his logic.


Just as I’m about to send Nitrogen to talk with Tim some more, it’s time for graduation. I like graduation and all, but it kind of ruins my plans.


Carbon graduated too, but she’s not in the household so I’m not sure what she won.

Nitrogen won ‘Most Likely to Be a Millionaire’ which isn’t likely at all because I’m spending all of the money upgrading the house’s furniture to the sci-fi sets right now.


Nitrogen gets to the bar after she graduates, though.

Mulan: I have one of you strongest drinks, please!


Then Nitrogen doesn’t have any options with Tim other than ordering drinks and things like that.

Knew it was too good to be true. So we call in some help.


Lorie: Hi, Cousin Nitrogen. I’m just hanging around the salon in the middle of the night while my mom’s getting drunk. What are you doing? Spouse hunt? Well, there’s this one lady hanging around here. Maybe she’d work.


I think that might be Lolly Racket. Go Nitrogen! Go! Go! Go!

And as soon as she gets there:


Lolly: Off to work. Later, sucker.


You know what? Screw Twinbrook. We’ll find our spouse elsewhere.


China worked for Ellie, and it can work for Nitrogen. It’s not slowing down the game, and I saved right before she left in case something went wrong. The game has a separate save file in case World Adventures goes buggy, so I can return to right before we went to China.


This is the first house we try. As long as Nitrogen doesn’t end up with Shen, Adaeze, or (heaven forbid) Zhan, the family tree should be okay. Twisty family trees confuse me, although it can be fun to see how twisted I can get them on the sims sometimes.


Hey, this guy looks okay. His name is Shing Hong, he’s single, and right now I only care about finding a spouse that Nitrogen can actually talk to.


Nitrogen: Hey do you like books?

Shing: I guess. Why?

Nitrogen: Cause we might get a bookshelf sometime.


Nitrogen: So are you single?

Shing: Yes…


Nitrogen: That’s great. ‘Cause you’re so cute I could just eat you up.

Are you seriously using that line, Nitrogen?


Shing can’t believe it either. Great. I would say she’s worse at pick-up lines than Ellie was, but at least Nitrogen isn’t quoting Twilight or anything.


But they get to hug. Yay.

Shing: Uh, do you bleach your hair or something?

Nitrogen: Nope.


Then Nitrogen gives him flowers.

Shing: How did you get flowers for me if we only just met?

Nitrogen: I always carry some on me in case I meet a potential spouse. Durr.


She proceeds to have first kiss with Shing.


Shing: Okay. If you don’t bleach your hair, then your face has to be botoxed or something, right? Because you have white hair but you look like you’re twenty.

Nitrogen: You’re funny. I was born with white hair. Actually, I was born with no hair. But then it grew in white.


It was at that point that Mr. Wang saw how romantic Shing and Nitrogen were getting, and it was making him look bad. So he started flirting with his wife, Maya.

Deng: So what’s your sign, baby?


Maya: We’ve been married for, like, five years. You seriously don’t know?


Because completely ignoring your hosts and flirting with the other guest isn’t awkward enough, the pair moved their make out session into the bathroom.


Nitrogen: Hold on, let me shove my foot through the door.

You know we’re never going to get invited back, right?


Nitrogen: Will you accept this shiny and then till death do us part?

Nitrogen proposes in the bathroom because this is a classy legacy.


He accepted the shiny! JSYK, Shing’s traits are absent-minded, artistic, charismatic, clumsy, and friendly. He wants to get 100 top whatever-they’re-calleds in the home designer career thing, which is cool because I haven’t really done that career yet (as evidenced by my complete lack of knowledge concerning it.)


I’m never going to get over how awesome the police cruiser is. Never.


Shing: Wait up, honey!

Nitrogen: You have to keep up! You need to be legacy strong!


Nitrogen: Now you move in with me.

I’m not taking any chances, because if we go home and move Shing in when Nitrogen gets married, I’m going to open his family tree and find that he has a new daughter somewhere. He’s not getting any chances to pull a Zhan.

Next time, stuff happens!


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