The Secret Ingredient

The older twins aged up, and this chapter has the younger twins aging up. Birthdays birthdays everywhere!

Also it’s the fourth of July, but I played this a while ago (read: yesterday) and didn’t have the foresight to do anything about it. So when you get to the middle, close your eyes and imagine an epic Mendeleev fourth of July party.


Boron wants to max charisma and guitar, despite lacking both the charismatic and virtuoso traits, but I have her on the guitar anyway so Nitrogen can jam with her sometimes. They might start a band, since I should probably experiment with that feature a bit. I’ve never had a band.


And here’s our little heiress now… catching a fly so she can eat it. She’ll be a great head of the household, I’m sure.


Boron and Nitrogen jam together, although they can’t make a band yet because Nitrogen is still a teenager or something. I’m not sure how EA figures out what activities are available for what age groups, because they don’t make too much sense to me.


It’s time for Berry and Boron to graduate, so they spin into their graduation gear.


Somehow, Berry manages to graduate before they get to city hall. I’m not sure how the classmates figure she’ll take over the world, but whatever. Award!


Boron: My hat is so much cooler than Berry’s.

It really is. Boron wins the award for “Most Likely to Set Her Own House On Fire.”


I highly recommend having a police officer or firefighter in the family, because you get to drive around in awesome police cruisers and fire trucks.


Hydrogen shows up for graduation and doesn’t need to be invited because he’s just all around awesome and wants to show support for his nieces.


The family that cleans the bathroom together stays together. There are so many sinks, toilets, and showers in the house that I feel as if there’s constantly something in need of fixing or cleaning.


Nitrogen: I’m on to you, potty! You were dirty yesterday, and now you’re clean! Did you think I wouldn’t notice? I know what you and your toilet friends are up to!

Speaking of the potty…


ELLIE! Not on the pancakes! I swear, there’s a bathroom right next door!


Lithium: Wow, these taste really good. Did you do anything different with them?

Ellie: Uh… The secret ingredient is love.

Look! The entire family is at the table. Eight sims at the table! It’s like a once-in-a-lifetime event here.

Fourth of July party! Go! *closes eyes* Oh… heh heh… silly Carbon… Ellie! Zhan! Not in front of Lorie!


Boron: Berry, I’m worried about our money.


Berry: We live in, like, a mansion and Grandma’s at the top of her career. What are you worried about?

Boron: I meant like when we get kicked out and Nitrogen inherits everything.

Berry: Oh. Yeah, that’ll suck.


I’m also kind of worried about the next generation because Ellie won’t live forever and no one else has a job. Nitrogen’s certainly not getting one because she needs to max four skills and I’m having a hard time getting Theo to max two.


We’d probably have more money if I didn’t spend it on things like this awesome television, though.


The easels are all occupied, so Boron sculpts so the family might have something to sell besides all of the awesome things that I could sell but don’t want to.


Meanwhile, Lithium and Theo are off being an adorable couple. I love them so much, even though Lithium wanted to divorce Theo twice.


Boron: Lol. Mom is going to get done with all of our paintings just in time for Carbon and Nitrogen to age up.

Theo: Don’t be mean, Boron. Your mother is working very hard to get everything done.

Boron: Whatever. Grandma, you have to tell me what you put in these pancakes. They’re great!

Ellie: *Cough*

Since our heiress will be aging up soon, I’m keeping an eye out on possible spouses, both male and female.


Um… how about no? I’m all for interesting genetics, but… that nose. Disappointed smile I’m pretty sure this is Zo Curious, and I checked her picture as a child. It looked okay as a child. As a teen? Not so much.


Zo: I can’t believe you invited me over to do homework and went to bed instead.

Nitrogen: I thought you’d be hot. Now shut up and let me sleep or I’m going to kill you. I need rest for my birthday tomorrow.



Carbon is now unlucky, because we don’t have enough broken sinks already.

Carbon: Yay!

Not yay.

Carbon: Not yay!


Nitrogen has gotten the brave trait, but more importantly, she’s dressed in steampunk stuff because I got a request for it from princessleia1987 and I’m a sucker for steampunk clothes anyway. More more importantly, you should ignore Teen!Carbon in the background. I thought ending the generation with a picture of our adultified heiress was more important than continuity.

Point tally at end of generation 2:

Generations born: 2
Portraits painted: 8 (Not counting Mulan)
LTWs: 3
Over 100,000 LTH: 2 (Points from old save plus new save put Ellie and Zhan over 100,000)

Total: 15 Open-mouthed smile Way better than 4!


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