All Growed Up

It’s time for another installment of the Mendeleev legacy, where the men are men and the women are almost all insane.


We open with Ellie giving ‘the talk’ to Carbon.

Ellie: You see, every woman has a garden, and she needs to water it with a big hose.


Ellie is at age 90 out of 92 days right now, but she’s still going strong. She mostly hangs out in the backyard when she’s not at work, doing things like the waterslide. Because elders love that thing in my game.


And bouncing on the trampoline.

Ellie: Boing! Boing! Boing!


Nitrogen: I can’t wait to take over the legacy.

Berry: I’m happy for you, sis.

Nitrogen: For REALS?


Berry: Yeah. Not being heiress means I can spend all my time sleeping once I move out.


Ellie here is reminiscing about her love life with Zhan.

Ellie: Remember that time in the tree house?

Zhan: I can barely remember anything nowadays. Who’s that white-haired girl running around the house?


Ellie: Sweetie, that’s Lithium’s daughter. Heiress to the legacy. Remember?

Zhan: I remember now!


And here she is now.

Nitrogen: You’re blocking the fridge.


Nitrogen: On second thought, I’ll just use the one in the kitchen.


In other news, Lithium just finished her midlife crisis. Before she did that, she had another wish to divorce Theo… again. After all the hard work I spent getting them back together.

Not happening, dear.


In other other news, Boron made a clay toilet and we are so keeping it.


In other other other news, Lithium’s set up a birthday party so Berry and Boron can become adults, and she’s also inviting Mulan so we can have a portrait of her in the museum. It won’t count for points because she’s not part of the bloodline, but I want the portrait anyway.


Nitrogen and Berry sit down after school to work on homework together, and it’s so cute that I don’t even cancel the action for Berry, even though she doesn’t need to do homework if she’s aging up tonight.


Mulan: Boo! Lithium, you stink!

I would understand if Mulan felt that way…


But the whole room?

Everyone: BOO!

Hydrogen: Uh… I’m Lithium’s brother.


Now that everyone is done hating on Lithium, it’s time for the twins to have their party.

Chase: *is bland*


Berry grew up and rolled ‘genius’ and there are officially as many geniuses (Ellie, Hydrogen, Helium, Berry) in the family as there are insane sims (Lithium, Carbon, Nitrogen, Lorie).


Carbon: I freaking LOVE gears!!!

Way to pay attention to the birthdays, dear.


Boron is now unlucky, and now I am almost positive that she’s going to make some very bad, very drunk mistakes at some point in her life.

The girls will be available for download, along with my simself. Speaking of my simself…


Don’t you hate it when you go to a party and you’re wearing the same dress as your legacy founder?

I think I wear it better, though. The hat pulls the look together.


I leave you with a picture of Helium randomly booing Nitrogen.

Helium: You don’t deserve heirship! BOO!

Sore loser much, Helium?

Er… Updates around town!

  • Lorie takes after her mother and is already making enemies.
  • Helium’s getting flirty with Penny Pincher, that WHO…lesome woman.
  • Marc Brandt breaks up with Mulan.

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