The Family Museum

The family still has to do a bit more work to recover what they lost in the move between saves. So Lithium has to repaint all of the pictures again, which means inviting Helium and Hydrogen to the house.


Helium comes and leaves almost immediately, saying what a bad outing it was. Grr. Hydrogen is still coming though so we’ll have to deal with him afterwards.


I didn’t take a picture of Hydrogen because I was too caught up in getting his portrait. We now have the beginning of his portrait, as well as Theo’s portrait on the other easel.


I let Boron use the third easel, so long as she finishes before it’s time to invite Helium over again.

Boron: It’s practically the Mona Lisa.



Then she’s off to drink. Because that’s what artists do or something.

Boron: It’s my muse.


Theo and Lithium don’t get an actual wedding party because they have stuff to do and I spent all of the money on furnishing the house anyway.


Litheo is back again! Yes, Litheo. That’s totally their shipping name.


Meanwhile, the girls are doing their own thing. Nitrogen and Boron have a sort of symbiotic relationship going on. Nitrogen provides music for Boron’s dancing, and Boron provides and audience.

Nitrogen: First of all, I don’t need an audience. Second of all, you can see the stereo is on and Boron is actually drowning out my music.

Oh. Right. Embarrassed smile


Helium comes over once again, but then leaves immediately. Again. It’s time to take matters into our own hands.


Lithium takes the police cruiser to Helium’s house so she can use the ‘memorize scene’ thing and get the portrait painted.


HELIUM. I see you! Get your BUTT out here. This is the THIRD time Lithium will have to paint your picture, and I don’t appreciate your making it harder than it is.


Theo aged up, too, but I was too focused on Helium’s portrait to actually care.


Now we have all three paintings ready to be completed. After that I might want to get Mulan’s portrait, for memory’s sake. And Lithium has to redo her own portrait because I lost it like I lost Helium’s that one time.

Lithium: I hate you.

I’m starting to enjoy this portrait business. Angry smile


Nitrogen: Heyy… can I be a one sim band and master all of the instruments? Please? *puppy dog eyes eye*

Aw, okay. Only because you’re cute, though. *lock wish* Wait… am I CRAZY? How am I going to get four skills maxed?

Nitrogen: Lol.


I check up on the rest of the family, and find that Berry is the first sim to enter the Mendeleev Museum… so she could check out the light.

Berry: Awesome torch.


Nitrogen… what are you doing on your grandparents’ bed in a bikini top and shorts?

Actually, I don’t want to know. Go play piano or something.


Lithium: Finished! Now I have to paint me again.


Lithium: Now I have to paint me again.


Carbon has come down with what I like to call the ‘Helium Effect’ or the ‘Rebellious Loser Syndrome’. Like Helium, she’s taken her last-place status hard and has taken to pranking things to cope.


Carbon: Ew! The egg! It squished! In my hand!

She’s not all that cut out for pranking.


What’s with the little prank sparkle in the sink, Carbon?

Carbon: I didn’t do it! It was Avogadro!



Boron: What are you doing at the bar?

Berry: Oh sh–


Berry: Hey, I caught it!

Boron: Now what are you doing at the bar? I’m the party animal, remember?

Berry: Boron, I hate absolutely everything. I need to get away from it all sometimes.


That night, Nitrogen decides to go to the park and play for tips.


In total, the Bayless family gave her 60 simoleons in, like, thirty sim minutes.

Nitrogen: This busking stuff is EASY.


Hey! Hey lady! Lady! You missed the jar!


I actually really like to hear Nitrogen play. You know, when Boron isn’t drowning her out with the stereo.


Now it’s time for ‘scary stories with Theo,’ the part of the legacy where Theo comes out and tells a scary story.


Theo: …But the woman said her daughter died twenty years ago! And a flaming skull!


Nitrogen: Lol. Your stories suck, Dad.


Boron: Hey, look! I finished a pedestal.

Cool. That is so going in the family museum.

Boron: For my exhibit?

No, to hold Hydrogen’s prom king crown! Open-mouthed smile

Boron: Sad smile


  • Mulan gets romantic with Lincoln Baker.
  • Mulan gets romantic with Shark Racket.
  • Shark starts dating Alma Drill.
  • Lincoln leaves Mulan for someone else, too.
  • Mulan starts flirting with Marc Brandt.
  • Lorie grows up insane. Like everyone else in the family, it feels like.


It looks like she got her mother’s nose. Poor dear.


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