Picking Up the Pieces


Last time, Lithium broke up with Theo because she was having a mid-life crisis, but she only wanted a temporary divorce so she tried to win him back and he’s having none of it. Now their relationship is too low for Theo to use his bed and I need to reunite the lovers or else incur the wrath of Nitrogen. Phew!


Berry: Our school district is so freaking poor that they had to hire our bus driver from Sims 1.

Carbon: Shh! Berry! Be nice!


Theooo… Please forgive Lithium! She didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. Sad smile She’s just a little crazy, is all.

Theo: No.


Oh yeah, you probably wanted to hear about the heir vote, right?


Carbon got a grand total of 0 votes.

Carbon: But! But! I thought you guys were my friends!!!


Berry and Boron got 4 and 3 votes, respectively, giving them a solid half of the votes when they’re combined.

Berry: Can we combine our votes since we’re twins? We’d have seven then.

No, because then it’d be a tie and we’d have a triple heirship and there are already way too many people in the house. And that was too many ands.


Nitrogen is our winner, tallying at 7 votes in the heir poll.

Nitrogen: The column is talking to me.

Of course it is.


Rigging the shower with dye might become an heir-poll-winning tradition in the family.

Nitrogen: What? It wasn’t me!

Your successful prank moodlet says otherwise.


Theo: Lithium broke my heart… Crying face

Nitrogen: DAD. Get over it already. I’m trying to do my homework.


After that I force Theo to have a pillow fight with Lithium, and their relationship bar is actually going up now! Yay!


Berry: You’d better clean up your dirty dish. I hate dirty dishes.

Nitrogen: You hate everything.

Berry: I hate dirty dishes most of all!


At least Nitrogen isn’t eating rotten food. Like some people are. ZHAN.


Speaking of Zhan, his picture is now finished, and the portraits of the founders are now hanging in the entrance of the Black Box. Each subsequent generation will be below ground, one room per generation.


Theo and Lithium actually manage to get flirting now. Theo has it easy, actually, since Lithium’s a snob. He just needs to compliment her appearance and she turns to putty.


And hugs make everything better.


And first kiss (again).

Theo: She still broke my heart.

Lithium: I’m tired.

How romantic.


Theo: *scene change* *costume change* Will you marry me? Again?


Lithium: Oh, Theo! Of course I will! I didn’t even want to get divorced for realsies!


Zhan: This place is a nuthouse. I need a drink.

I don’t blame you.



Ellie: I just reached my LTW!



Meanwhile, Zhan goes up to the rooftop gym, after drinking something alcoholic. Maybe there should be a fence up there? Nah. What could possibly go wrong?


I don’t understand the point of this game, but Ellie reached her LTW so she’s allowed to do whatever she wants.


Lithium and Carbon both wanted to win a game of hopscotch, so I sent them both to play, figuring one of them had to win.


Lithium: Cool, I beat you! You just can’t seem to win anything today, can you?

Carbon: Sad smile


Nitrogen started practicing with the training dummy, and she’s actually wearing the right outfit. I’m impressed.

Nitrogen: HI-YAH!


Nitrogen: OW. It hit me! I’m not bleeding or anything, am I?

Nope. Why don’t you go inside and get a shower?


Nitrogen: Hm. Something feels different.


Nitrogen: MY! HAIR!

Carbon: That’ll teach you for winning the heir poll! Angry smile

Oh dear.


  • My simself moved to a new house, probably because she couldn’t stand Mulan anymore.
  • Mulan is dating Lincoln Baker
  • Lorie is a toddler now!


Lorie: *is adorable*

I plan to check up on her every once in a while to see if having Mulan as a mom will affect her.


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