Send in the Clones

If you’ve been following along, then you’ll know that my game did a crash and burn (which was sort of my fault) and the Mendeleev save wasn’t working when I launched after the game was reinstalled. So I enlisted my trusty simself (who will be available for download at some point) to help.


Sabrina: Fine. I’ll see what I can do to salvage the legacy.

Yay! You’re the best!


My simself also lives with pregnant Mulan. She’s been impregnated for a mystery breeding project, so it will be interesting to see how the baby turns out.

Mulan: What you doing?

Sabrina: I’m going to take the spare clones I have of the adults and mix Lithium’s DNA with Theo’s to create new bodies into which I can transfer their brains.

Mulan: You have clones and brains just lying around?

Sabrina: Duh. You have to be prepared for these sorts of things.


Mulan: But you got D in chemistry final.

Sabrina: This is the sims. I can make my own science. Besides, it’s not like you ever even went to school.

Mulan: Did so! I go once and never go back.


Sabrina: Explosions mean it worked!

Now it’s time to work my God-like powers and restore things to how they once were. I went by what had last happened in my game rather than what happened in the last chapter. My screenshots between then and now are lost. Sad smile


I plopped Ellie down in Level 8 of the science career and gave her the skills she had. I could have left her at the age she was, but I changed it back to being in the middle of her elder stage so it would be fair.


Zhan’s reached the top of his career and retired, so I used Master Controller to set him up at Level 10, get his LTW, and quit.


Lithium has also completed her LTW again, and then I put the family funds back to what they started with on the lot. She and Theo are set to be almost adults. I don’t remember how far they were from adults in the other game, but it would be super weird if the girls reached young adult and the parents reached young adult. Also, Lithium has to do every painting again.

Lithium: I’m glued to an easel and about to get old. I hate my life.


I couldn’t remember what level skills Theo was at, so I guessed low and put him at Logic 6 and Handiness 4. If he’s going to reach his LTW, it’s going to be fair.

Now on to the teens. I tried to keep them looking the way they did in the other game. I used the genetics option in CAS and tweaked a few things to get them looking right. The only things I really edited were the eyes, because genetics from Theo’s parents wouldn’t show up in CAS.


As you can see, Berry is as cheerful as ever.

Berry: Screw you. The old house was finally getting to be livable and you send us to a new one.

Beryllium aged up neat, so she’s basically the maid. Her favorite pastimes are sleeping and scrubbing.


Boron has a completely different personality from her sister. She aged up with inappropriate. Combined with her party animal and excitable traits, she’s a major party girl and she’s probably going to make some horrible, horrible mistakes while she’s drunk.


Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your point of view, the younger twins lost their imaginary friends.

Carbon: What do you mean? Avogadro’s right here! Open-mouthed smile

Carbon is now insane like her mother and twin. I think it’s genetic. Carbon is superhyper and superfriendly.


Last but certainly not least, we have Nitrogen. She’s now an insane snob, like mommy dearest. Also she has an eye patch because she’s the Ravager.

I see a resemblance other than the hair, actually. I think it’s the lips.


Before we get to the actual interesting stuff, here’s the house. I remembered the windows this time. It has a party room, a science room, an art room, and a rooftop gym.


All four girls want to go hot tubbing, so they’re going to the pool. There were two convenient spots that could fit hot tubs and I put them in when I was adding Late Night and Generations things to the town.

Boron: Last one in is a rotten egg!


Boron: Looks like Carbon is the rotten egg!

Carbon: Guys! Guys! But! What if there’s a sea monster!


Nitrogen: Don’t worry. If there’s a sea monster, I can kill it with my big toe. Now who wants to slip-n-slide?

Boron: Those are for babies.

Then the other three girls roll the want to use the water slide thing. Boron is out-voted.

Water slide montage!


Nitrogen is first, wearing her athletic outfit. Gotta love insane sims.

Nitrogen: I wear this so people know who they’re dealing with.


Berry’s next. I see that smile, Berry.


Boron really gets into it, considering she was the one who didn’t want to come.

Boron: Face first! Beat that!


Carbon is the last one on before it’s time to go (don’t want to get caught after curfew now that you can be grounded). She is so adorable in this picture, I could just die.


Boron: You do know that grandpa just made macaroni, right, Carbon?

Carbon: But macaroni reads my mind!!

Berry: Just let it go. She’s insane.

Then everyone went to bed. The next morning, this happens:


Nitrogen walks into Ellie’s bathroom, the bathroom which you can only get to by going through Ellie and Zhan’s room first. Completely ignoring the bathroom right across the hall from her bedroom, which was empty.

Ellie: Nitrogen, if you need to use the bathroom, knock first.

Nitrogen: I don’t need to use the bathroom, though.

She didn’t need to take a shower, so…

Nitrogen: The voices told me.

I see.


Boron starts sculpting because she’s artistic. She doesn’t get too far because she has to go to school almost immediately.


And Lithium starts drinking as soon as they leave.

Lithium: I’m about to get my first wrinkles. Crying face

Fine. One drink. But it better not affect your painting skill.


…and the alcohol starts to affect her after her first sip.

Lithium: Thish room ish nishely decorated…

In a room with no decorations whatsoever.


Theo is still working on his handiness skill, and he has a lot of appliances to work on because everything is new. Plus there are four bathrooms now, so that’s a lot of sinks and toilets to upgrade.


When Ellie gets home from work, there’s enough money to build this, which will be the entrance to the subterranean Mendeleev museum. I made it a black box, like the airplane box that keeps records. Aren’t I clever?

Actually, I just made it black and a box for no reason and remembered the airplane thing afterwards.


Ellie’s painting is complete, and there are only five more to go! Open-mouthed smile

Lithium: Shcrew you. Thish ish shtupid.

Maybe you’ll get the portraits done by the time the girls age up! Then you’ll have another four to do!


Speaking of the girls, Nitrogen and Boron have to catch fish for a school opportunity, so they’re at the beach together.

Boron: Why are our butts rippling?


Nice face, Boron.

Boron: I can’t catch any fish!


She finally catches a tiny one. Thankfully, the science facility isn’t picky about size.

Boron: I also gained the ability to make fish levitate!


Nitrogen took a lot longer to catch her fish. She kept getting a bite and missing the fish when it came out of the water.

Nitrogen: Stupid lack of depth perception! I almost dropped this one back in, too!


Lithium? Remember how I said you have to paint?

Lithium: Yeah.

You have to paint.


Theo is a good little sim and actually does things he’s supposed to do. Like work on his LTW.


Also, we got a stereo from Hydrogen. He wants Theo to upgrade it, so we’ll have an excuse to see Hydrogen and Helium again! Actually, we already have an excuse because of Lithium’s birthday party! Open-mouthed smile

Family updates:

  • Mulan is a ghost hunter now. Lol.
  • Hydrogen is dating Blaise Kindle, who was dating Helium in the old Twinbrook. Blaise and Alma are the secret lesbian sims who live together, so the Mendeleev boys might have the power to turn gay women straight. Or bi, at least.

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