Midlife Crisis

One more chapter and then the heir poll. Could’ve done it after the last one, but I wanted to give the girls more of a chance to show their personalities.


But first, Theo is going to jam his leg through the bathtub.


Maybe this potion will fix it!

Actually, it’s the Radical Repairum potion, which was supposed to make him super handy but didn’t have much of an effect. It might be because Theo is already pretty high in the handiness skill, though.


While Theo was… doing that… Berry was up doing her homework. She’s the only one of the girls who actually cares about school. Probably because she’s a little goodie two-shoes. She’ll do homework even if she’s tired and stressed out.


Lithium insists on using the bath in her mother’s room even though she was just using the toilet in her own bathroom. I think this behavior has been passed down to Nitrogen, explaining the little mishap from last chapter.


Lithium’s party is going to be soon, and now that I have my simself in town with the Mendeleev family, I feel obligated to invite her. Which means Zhan has to go out and meet her.


And my simself is still scorched.

Sabrina: I was going to take a shower, but I went on TV Tropes first and there were SO. MANY. LINKS.


Then she runs off, but Zhan met her so we can invite her to the party later!


She comes an hour early, leaves five minutes in, and was thinking about how much the party sucked the entire time.

Sounds like me, alright. But there were plenty of other guests like…


A very pregnant Mulan.




And Helium.


Berry looks completely pissed off as she celebrates her mother’s birthday.

Berry: Age up so I can go to sleep!


Lithium: I can’t reach the cake so I’ll just blow it out from here.

Her face. I love it.


Two of the girls are insane and one is inappropriate, so they don’t follow the dress code.

Blaise: I thought this was supposed to be a formal even.

Boron: You call this a party? Where’s the alcohol?


Lithium is now an adult, and I think she looks more mature now. She also happens to be older than her older brothers because I didn’t bother to change the boys’ ages, but that’s neither here nor there.

Next morning:


Carbon: School! Come on! School!

Nitrogen: We’re coming. Calm down.

Boron: Can I just stand right here and not go to school.

I made sure the girls got to school


Berry: School sucks, Carbon. when are you going to realize that?

Carbon: But… school.


Mulan had her baby, Lorie Mendeleev, who is brave and artistic. As soon as I get the memo, I find Mulan heading into the bar without her baby. Mother of the year.


Lithium: Theo? Can we talk?

Theo: Of course, baby. Anything you want, love.


Lithium: Theo, I rolled the wish to divorce you, so we’re not married anymore.


Lithium: Also, does this dress make me look fat?

Lithium! Noooooo!


Are you seriously going to divorce your husband when you have four lovely interesting girls to take care of?


Nitrogen: Get them back together again or I’m going to snap!

Yes ma’am.


Ellie: I heard Lithium just broke up for you for no reason. Insane sims, right?

She seriously smiled and laughed with this speech bubble over her head. Ellie, what is wrong with you?

So Lithium and Theo go out for the night to try and patch things up.


Theo:You broke my heart, and there’s no way you can fix it by taking me to the salon so I can watch you get a new outfit.


Lithium: Aw, come on! I still want to be your wife again! Can’t a girl divorce her husband for the lulz?

Theo: No.


So Lithium goes to get a new dress. I’m not so sure she should be getting fashion advice from Amy ‘The Clown’ Bull.


Actually… that’s pretty nice.

Lithium: This will be a perfect dress for my second wedding, when Theo forgives me.


Theo’s ultra mad at Lithium, though.

Theo: I need you to give me a tattoo so it looks like I’ve moved on with my life and I’m not completely pathetic.


Theo: Will this hurt?

Tattoo guy: Like having a nail hammered into your eye. Open-mouthed smile


Tattoo guy: Ha ha! Your wife divorced you.

What’s worse, he didn’t actually give Theo a tattoo.

So the chapter didn’t actually focus too much on the girls… at all… but heir poll anyway, ‘kay?

Meanwhile, I’ll be frantically trying to bring Theo and Lithium back together.



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