Quick Update

My mods and CC files were lost in an uninstall/reinstall, but I had the foresight to move my saved games. Forgot about the mods. *facepalm*

I got most of my mods back, save the ones I got from Mod the Sims, which is down right now. When I open the game, it says I can’t get to the Mendeleevs and maybe it was saved with expansions that I don’t have anymore. But I have all of my expansions, so the best I can figure is that it needs one of the mods I can’t get right now to open. Basically, the Mendeleevs can’t come back until Mod the Sims is back up, and I’m only 75% sure that’s the issue.

EDIT: I can’t figure out what I’m missing, but my uploader is working now so I can redownload the family and try to recreate what I had.


4 thoughts on “Quick Update

    • Mod the Sims is going to open back up when the thing reaches 95% (no idea what that means) and it’s at 93% now so I just have to wait a little while longer. Then I’m going to race in, get what I need, and hope that does the trick.

      If not, Plan B. Which is start again. Which I don’t want to do but I will if necessary.

    • I don’t have the backup file, just the save. 😦
      I think it’s a missing mod or something like that, because I added some mods and now one of the pre-crash games is working. I just need to remember what I added to the game between playing the one that is working and the crash.

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