Imaginary Friends

Oh my science, I thought my computer was going to die and I would lose everything, but that’s a long story and not important because my computer didn’t die. So yay.

In the last chapter, the Mendeleev family moved to Twinbrook, and Carbon and the Ravager Nitrogen aged into children.


Nitrogen: Get me some food. *creepy stare*

What happened to your friendly trait, Nitrogen?

Nitrogen: I am friendly. I have lots of friends. As long as they do as I say.


Carbon: Nitrogen, you woke me up.

Nitrogen: But I’m hungry. And the master of quick costume changes.


With the beatings Nitrogen used to give in mind, Nightingale goes downstairs and gets some ice cream, but she’s so freaking slow with her imaginary friend walk that the bus has already come for Nitrogen. I think she was sent to get food at, like, five and the bus comes at eight.


Nitrogen: ICE CREAM.

Go to school before one of the adults scolds you and makes you even later.


After she goes to school, Nitrogen skips class so she can pee on the ground.


Theo is still chained to the chemistry table, getting closer to maxing his logic skill. After that he’ll focus on the handiness skill, which either involves waiting for things to break, buying lots of things to be upgraded, or buying lots of books.


After their first day of school in Twinbrook, the girls are practically drowning in potential spouses. I got about three updates saying this one was going here or that one was bringing someone home. This is Thomas Castor.

Thomas: This girl kind of scares me.

That’s what Theo said about Lithium, at first. These two are made for each other.


The imaginary friends are very creepy, following the kids around all of the time. Even in the bathroom. Here we see Nightingale crying because Nitrogen left the bathroom before she could be properly stalked. Also the bathtub is kind of broken.


Speaking of creepy, Carbon has learned how to sleep with her eyes open so the imaginary friends can’t sneak up on her.


Lithium is painting again to help get money and furnish the house, but we’re not hurting for cash too badly and I’m keeping the paintings that I like. This one is Watermelon Panda and it will be hanging in Berry and Boron’s room.


Berry: I don’t care how many cookies Sheryl can make if the recipe needs six cups and she has five. Homework sucks. And life sucks.

Since there’s a dirty plate on the table, Nitrogen has to do her homework alone.


Or almost alone.

Nightingale: Niiiii… troooooo… geeeeeen…


Level 9 in the law enforcement career means wearing a pink jacket and hat. How badass. I tried to send Zhan to befriend his new partner, Dudley, but Dudley was too busy investigating rumors of heinous crimes being committed in Twinbrook.


And here’s a picture of Hydrogen because he knocked up his non-elder girlfriend and they’re getting married now. Yay for Hydrogen babies and shotgun weddings!


I wish the game would tell you what a kid is in trouble for when they’re scolded, because half of the time I don’t know. I guess this is for being later for school?


Anyway, I like having my sims interact with the imaginary friend and switching to another sim so I can laugh at the little girl hugging the air. Otherwise they’re mainly just there and kind of creepy.


Ellie helps out with the girls after work. Since she can’t read Boron a bedtime story on the top bunk, Boron uses her dad’s side of the bed. Theo won’t mind because he’s at the chemistry table, as always.


Lithium: Yay, my favorite food! Sushi fit for an heiress!

Sure, just ignore your singed husband.


The light sleeper trait gets on my nerves a bit, because whenever Nitrogen starts talking to her imaginary friend, Carbon wakes up. Then again, it’s not Carbon’s fault that Nitrogen and Nightingale insist on talking to each other whenever Carbon is trying to sleep. This is why I have telepathic connections with my imaginary friends, so people don’t think I’m weird when I talk to them.

I mean… my friend talks with his imaginary friends using telepathy, because I totally don’t have an imaginary friend.


The next day all four girls go to the police station, and I don’t get any messages about them acting up. I would have loved to get a popup saying one of them handcuffed a classmate or something like that.


This time, all of the girls get a souvenir in the form of a police badge except for Boron. I have to assume that Boron was misbehaving or something.


Suddenly, Nitrogen is attacked by her imaginary friend!


She starts fighting back, and Nightingale doesn’t get in a single hit after that. The rest of the pillow fight was basically Nitrogen whaling on her imaginary friend without getting hit once. Because Nitrogen is the Ravager.


Berry: I don’t care how long it’s going to take Nathaniel to save up for a bike if his allowance is five dollars a week.

Homework. Berry dislikes it.


I found a lovely mod here that lets sims go to work without their uniforms, which is amazing because now they won’t take two hours to change into their work clothes and miss work in the process. Also, Ellie just got promoted. She’s only one level away from her LTW, as is Zhan.

Next time, we’ll see if either of them get to the LTWs and Berry and Boron will become teenagers (which will be scary considering how pissy Berry is without hormones and boy troubles.)

Family Update:

  • Mulan has broken up with Sinbad Rotter
  • Hydrogren had gotten Alma Drill pregnant, married her, and the two are now living together.
  • Helium is getting romantic with Sofia Carlton.

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