Welcome to Twinbrook

The game was glitching hard (again) so the Mendeleev family moved to Twinbrook for a new start.


The packed their entire house and brought it with them.


The main family wasn’t alone, though. Their extended family is small enough, at this point, that the entire Mendeleev clan could come along. Helium and Mulan are still living together (not because they like each other or anything).


I even managed to get Hydrogen into the house right next to them, just like it was back in Sunset Valley. Except the surrounding population is ten times stranger.


The younger twins were ready to age up after the family moved in. Carbon is now a light sleeper. Also, I don’t care if white girls don’t wear their hair like that; I really like that hairstyle. So there.

Carbon: I can do my hair how I want. Don’t hate.


Carbon has an interesting nose, though. I think she inherited the bridge of her nose from Zhan, because that’s how Mulan’s bridge goes, too.


Seriously, what is it with elders and slip-and-slides? None of my sims wanted to touch it until Ellie aged up to elder.


Nitrogen is also super pretty and she aged up… insane.

I am now starting to believe Nitrogen is a reincarnation of Rose Wilson. Part Asian? Check. Insanity? Check. History of violence? Check (beating her imaginary friend into submission). Blue eyes and white hair? Check and check.

Or maybe Lithium had an affair with Slade while I wasn’t looking. Zhan’s already done it with two women, so that is a definite possibility.


I have the girls play with their imaginary friends because I want to see what happens when the dolls go poof and become actual friends.


Nitrogen’s not being violent because I had her sing to Nightingale because of her virtuoso trait. Or maybe she knows I’m on to her.


Carbon is legitimately nonviolent towards her toy and she gives Avogadro a hug. Aww…


While they sit on the ground and hug dolls, the older twins are playing around with the costume chest. Smile

Boron: RAWR! I’m a dinosaur!


Boron: Aren’t unicorns, like, the most amazing things ever?


The might T-Rex stalks her prey, looking for something delicious to eat. Possibly cookies.


Suddenly, the T-Rex spots a princess!

Boron: Roar! I’m going to eat you like a wooly mammoth!

Beryllium: Dinosaurs didn’t eat wooly mammoths.



Beryllium: Now I hug you and make you a nice dinosaur.

Even when she’s smiling, she usually looks like she’s faking it.


Now time for sciencey hopscotch. I’m enjoying all of the science and fairytale themed things in Generations. They’re perfect for my science and fairytale themed legacies.

Boron: I’m totally going to be a professional hopscotch-er when I grow up.


Beryllium kind of fails, though.

Berry: Whatever. This game sucks anyway.


I set the imaginary friends on the ground, and poof! It’s Avogadro!


And Nightingale!

Nightingale: I can fly!

Ravager Nitrogen: Whatever. I’m tired.


But I have to play around a bit before she can go to bed.

Nitrogen: You walk so slow. Hurry up; I’m freaking tired.

Friendly trait my ass.


Lithium: I must be going insane… more insane. My daughter is defying gravity.

Nitrogen: Can I go to bed now?


This is the room that Carbon and Nitrogen will be sharing. I know they don’t have to share a room because they’re twins, and there’s plenty of empty rooms available… but we don’t have the money to paint the walls in the other rooms yet. They don’t even have doors.


Berry: I get the funny feeling that something’s following me.

Yeah, the imaginary friends are kind of stalkers.

Watch as Nightingale creepily stalks Rose Nitrogen to her bed and then goes poof!


They then guard the bed for the remainder of the night.


This picture is only to show how pretty Ellie still is and to say that her job progress bar went back down to zero when the family moved! Steaming mad She has to work so hard for promotions now.

Next time, more imaginary friend stuff. And things.

Quick family update:

  • Mulan is dating Sinbad Rotter
  • Mulan is nemeses with Sinbad Rotter… and still dating.
  • I’ve gotten updates about Hydrogen having romantic interests in Blaise Kindle and Alma Drill

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Twinbrook

  1. Lol Hydrogen is dating to girls who happen to be roommates. Their not gonna be happy when they find out.

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