The Mendeleev LTW Retreat

Alternate Title: How World Adventures Borked My Game

This one is a bit long because I really couldn’t find a good place to split it.


Zhan: Hello? Travel agent? I’d like to book a flight for three to China, Mendeleev party.

Agent: Again? You people are always going to China. Very well. Will you need an extra ticket for the return trip again?

Zhan: That won’t be necessary. (I hope.)


Ellie: Okay, boys. Family tree check. Anyone have extra kids lying around?


Zhan: … Nope. No extra kids here.

Better yet, the kid’s mom is French (she must have been an explorer) and the kid lives in Egypt. We are NOT going to Egypt to add him to the family. Even if I wanted to, there are eight people in the household plus imaginary friends.

Lithium keeps showing up as a teen in pictures, but it doesn’t mess with the game so I don’t worry about it.


Theodore has to work on his logic.

Theo: I had a LTW to explore tombs but you had to change it and chain me to a chess board.


Ellie works on fishing, which is the only skill she really has to improve in for work.


I send Zhan to make friends to question people, but you apparently can’t question people in China. So we…

Holy smokes, have I really never noticed that pressure pad after all of the times I’ve taken sims to China?


Of course, Zhan had to explore. He didn’t get very far, though, because you need a key.

Instead he takes some adventures so we can get moneys.


ZHAN. You do NOT have a flirty trait. Seriously, having kids with three women is bad enough; don’t make it four.


Around this point, China started to freeze up. Really bad. This happened last time, but not as bad and clearing the caches fixed it last time. I cleared the caches but it still didn’t change, so I finally decided to send everyone home.


I don’t think Lithium would have held up for too much longer anyway.

This is how the house was when they were gone.


Lithium: One fish, two fish, red fish blue fish.

Nitrogen: Mom, I know you just put me in my crib and got out a book, but you need to take me out again and change my diaper.


Lithium: Just look at the freaking fish, kid. Mommy’s very tired and the voices are saying I should toss you in a dumpster.

Yeah, it’s a good thing they came home when they did.


Boron and Beryllium, at least, are doing their homework at the table, and not driving their mother to homicide.

Boron: I don’t know what to write for my essay about why stealing is bad.

Berry: I’m writing about how Dad stole handcuffs from his work.


Boron: Don’t you think that will get Dad in trouble?


Berry: Doesn’t matter what we write about anyway, it’s going to be garbage.

Boron: You always have to make everything sound horrible.

Berry: Everything is horrible.


When are you going to give those handcuffs back, anyway?


The next day is Saturday, and you know what? I’m going to be so super nice to my sims, and they’re all going to have a family outing to visit Uncle Hydrogen. It’s going to be great, and there will be happiness and family and they will be vomiting rainbows because they are so darn happy.


Berry: But I don’t wanna get out of bed. I like my bed.

You are going to be SO. FREAKING. HAPPY. Even if it kills you. Now stop making creepy faces and get in the taxi.


Speaking of creepy, this is what I see when I open their save file the next morning. MUTANTS.


But Nitrogen being adorable in a stroller makes up for the creepiness somewhat, and I’m ready to take the Mendeleev family out for a visit to Hydrogen.


Boron: I got to sit in the front seat. I am so excited, I’m gonna die.

I think her brain broke and her face forgot how to smile.


Zhan was the only person in the family that decided not to see his own son.

Zhan: Quan is my son and you won’t let me see him.


Entire family: Hydrogen has a pool.


Hydrogen: Hi Mom, nice to see you.

Ellie: Don’t try to shake my hand, Hydrogen. Can’t you see I’ve got an armful of grandchild? Speaking of grandchildren, why am I not getting any from you? Lithium’s already had four; I’m sure a handsome boy like you could manage at least one grandchild for your dear old mother.

Hydrogen: … would you like to come in?


Then Beryllium and Boron form a compound. Heh. Compound. Chemistry.

I like to call it ‘Boryllium’


Ellie makes some sandwiches because I didn’t remember to give them breakfast before they left.


While Ellie does that, the girls spend some time bonding with their Uncle Hydrogen.

Hee hee. Hydrogen Bonding. I crack myself up. Actually ‘hydrogen bonding’ is half of the reason the family went to visit.


I couldn’t get Hydrogen to have a sandwich, but I did get the rest of the family eating at the same table. Score!

Well, except for Zhan. He’s being a poopy-head across town.


And the babies, because they can’t sit at a table yet. The younger twins can’t really do much at Hydrogen’s, so they torture play with their imaginary friends.

Nitrogen: I shall make you feel pain!


*slap slap slap*


Carbon: I see your slaps and raise you decapitation!

Cthulhu help us.


Time to go back home. Why is Boron wearing a crown?

Boron: I annexed Uncle Hydrogen’s house. It is now under my rule.

If you look in the background, you can see that Hydrogen’s (elderly) girlfriend just died. Maybe now he’ll find a younger one and make babies.


When the Mendeleev family comes back, they see that the house has been redone. I didn’t specifically have them all leave so I could redo it, but they were all out so it was convenient. Except now there are no windows, the house is sort of empty, and there’s nothing on the second floor. It also kind of sucks because I can’t make houses right.


Berry: Life sucks. And you suck.


But the good news is I found Bathroom Bunny! I’d moved him to the opposite wall of the bathroom and forgot. Embarrassed smile

Bathroom Bunny: That is shameful. Bathroom Bunny is disappointed.


For now, the twins have to share a room with… well… the twins.

Boron: Carbon woke me up!

Berry, being a heavy sleeper, is blissfully unaware.


Boron: This house is horrible. I want to kill myself.

That’s something your sister would say.


At first I thought I didn’t put enough space for Lithium to get into bed (with the diagonal walls and everything), but Theo got in just fine and it’s exactly the same on the other side. So I check and see that Zhan, Ellie, and Theo basically lost all relationships with the family.

When I try to fix it, I see this:


Two Zhans. One’s a paparazzi.


The pictures aren’t showing up, but there are also two Ellies and two Theos.


The clones aren’t showing up or anything, so I figure it won’t mess with the game too much. Lithium and Theo are back to hanging all over each other once I fixed the relationships, and things are generally okay, although the family seems tired…

Because the game keeps resetting them when they’re sleeping.


Lithium: I must strangle myself and end this misery!

No, Lithium! That’s not the answer! Premature deaths mean no awesome gravestone!

Next time, the family moves and there will hopefully be less glitches?


3 thoughts on “The Mendeleev LTW Retreat

  1. I’ve had the clone thing happen to me before. I invited my sims romantic interest over from Egypt and BAM! A day later he didn’t show up and there was two of him. It was really weird, so I gave up on him.

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