Double Double Trouble

There are now two sets of twins in the house, plus Ellie, Zhan, Lithium, and Theo.


Theo: Yeah, Carbon! Time to age up!

Heh heh. I hope she’s not a carbon copy of her parents!


Then Theo has some time to fix the dishwasher because that is seriously how long birthdays take.


Here’s Carbon as a toddler. I think she’s a nice mix of her parents from what I can tell. She doesn’t have the enormous blue eyes, which is nice. It means she doesn’t stare into my soul as I make her outfit in CAS. Also, I’m pretty much done with the color pink at this point. When three out of four kids need pink outfits designed for them, it gets old.


Carbon spends some time playing with Avogadro while her twin sister ages up. It’s very cute.


Then Nitrogen rockets her way to being my favorite child because she has white hair. If television and comic books have taught me anything, it’s that white hair on someone who is not old is awesome, and means you are either magic or badass. Or both.


I wanted to get a nice picture of Nitrogen playing with Nightingale, but she mostly puts the toy on the floor and tries to beat the stuffing out of it.


Nitrogen: There, there.

I think that imaginary friend is going to have, like, Stockholm Syndrome or something.


Not everyone is happy in the Mendeleev household, though.

Berry: I broke the shower. Life sucks.


Theo tries to help Berry do her homework.

Berry: God, Dad. I already finished. FML.

But then…


Is that a smile I detect?

Berry: This is almost as good as curling up in bed!


She can actually be cute when she’s not being a Sour Sally. Who would have thought?


Berry sleeps in the clubhouse, for some reason. I guess it would take less time to climb inside than to go inside and get to her bed. And for Berry, ‘time not sleeping’ = ‘bad’.


Lithium and Theo get to snuggle in bed, since they’re way too busy with four kids to actually see each other during the day. As you can see, Lithium is fed up with painting.


Boron falls asleep right after school, so she does her homework when she wakes up in the middle of the night.

Boron: Why am I doing this when I could be having a wild all-night party? Homework completely sucks.

That’s why I put mine off till the last minute.


When Nitrogen isn’t abusing her imaginary friend, she’s playing with the xylophone because I want her to get her music skills as high as possible. I’m thinking that she’ll roll a music-related LTW and I want to be prepared.


Carbon: I’m just gonna play with Nightingale for you, ‘kay?

I don’t even know how she got it, because Nightingale is still showing up in Nitrogen’s inventory.


Nitrogen: *pulls toy out of inventory*


Carbon: You broke my hands!

Nitrogen: That’s what you get for messing with me, punk!


Lithium played around with the home movie feature for a bit. I really want to use it to catch someone cheating at some point and see if the cheated-on spouse gets mad about it. So far all of my sims are having generic reactions to the videos I’ve taken.


Meanwhile, Berry and Boron went on a field trip to the graveyard. Because that’s a completely normal place to take young children.


Why do I always get the kids that pull stuff like that?


And why are sim field trips so much more awesome than the ones I go on?

Except for the marching band’s Disney Trip. Nothing beats that.


The girls come home with this painting, although only one got it. I think each family only gets one of the ‘official’ souvenirs for any given field trip. Which is okay, because Beryllium and Boron got little mini-souvenirs as well.


Beryllium: I got this super-rare rock that was worth like 700 simoleons, and all you got was a lame book.


So. Freaking. Adorable.


Although the girls are all happy, it’s at the expense of everyone else in the household.

Lithium: When do we get a moodlet manager? When.

I want to get one too, but someone has to fulfill a lifetime wish to even get close to getting one. But that can’t really happen if everyone is focusing their time and energy on taking care of the toddlers. Hmm…

Zhan has an opportunity to go to China and receive career performance. Everyone else can pick up some of the skills they need while they’re over there. I’m thinking it’s time for a Mendeleev LTW Retreat!

Lithium: Yes! Time away from the girls.

Except Lithium’s finished hers so she’ll be at home watching the four kids.


2 thoughts on “Double Double Trouble

  1. Yay! I’m all caught up. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this legacy. I love the flow of the writing and I love that it isn’t all drama drama drama like some of the other ones I read. It’s nice to have a break.
    One question, how do you get the blankets the babies are wrapped in a different color? I liked Hydrogen’s purple one.

    By the way, I’m Roxy. I’m going to link your legacy to mine, if that is alright with you. I just really like it. My legacy is the Montgomery Legacy, feel free to check it out and comment.


    • I use Twallan’s Master Controller mod and use the stylist option to take the babies into the ‘dressing room’ and change the colors from there.

      I don’t mind if you link; links are great because that’s how I find all of the legacies I read (which is a lot of legacies… I’m obsessed.) I’ll check your legacy out as soon as I can, but right now it’s almost bedtime. I will look first thing in the morning. 🙂

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