Birthday Cakes Save Sanity

Last time, Lithium had twins and Ellie’s time to get her LTW is running out…


The twins are both awesome because they automatically read the books whenever the adults aren’t taking care of them. Hopefully they’ll start off their childhood with decent art skills.


They’re also super cute when they’re skilling.

Boron: I doing it!


Ellie: Look at the snazzy new uniform I got with my promotion.

That’s nice, now GET. TO. WORK.


Mom and Dad may teach walking and talking, but Jamar teaches… other lessons.

Berry: Like dis?

Jamar: Yes, child. Bite off his head.


Ellie gets to try out all of the new elder interactions, like ‘show off grandchildren’.

Ellie: Berry is absolutely adorable. A little angel.

Not if you keep leaving her alone with Jamar.


This isn’t specifically for elders. Ellie just rolled the want for it.

Boron: I ‘m onna rocket!

For some reason, the adults only want to help Boron ride the bouncy toy. Nobody rolled anything for Berry.


Ellie: You call that a door? Why, in my day, we had real doors!

They’ve had the same type of doors since the beginning of the legacy.


Even though Ellie is old now, Zhan is still rolling wants for her. All is right with the world.


Theo: Can you say ‘makeup’?

Boron: Makeup!

Theo, you’re confining her to the stereotypes of her gender! Baring teeth smile


Boron: Berry’s crying, Daddy!


Lithium would help, but she has paintings to work on.


Yeah! No more painting to do until Berry and Boron grow up! *does a dance*


Ellie: Berry, you’re going to be a big sister soon. I wish your mother wouldn’t have another child quite so soon…

Says the woman who could have been a baby factory in her younger days, if I didn’t make her go to work.


Lithium: Remember, the Loch Ness Monster lives in the lake across the street.

Berry: Loch Ness Monster!

Why is she allowed to teach the babies to talk?


Lithium: You must also remember that Grandma is going to die soon.

Berry: Death!


Lithium: And then she’ll come back as a ghost!

Berry: Ghost!

Okay, I think Lithium needs to stop teaching these kids things.


Lithium: Okay, I was about to go into labor anyway! Hey, if I focus on this plumbob hard enough, I won’t feel as much pain!

Go to the hospital. I don’t think Berry can handle the sight of you giving birth.


Theo: Boron can handle it, though.

You couldn’t have put her back in her crib before going to the hospital?


Two girls are born: Carbon and Nitrogen.

Lithium: We also got mail from a mysterious stranger.

EEEEE! Open-mouthed smile


Boron: Daddy, that was horrible! How did those babies get in there?


This is… Carbon, I think. Like it matters when they’re babies. Carbon is excitable and friendly. Her imaginary friend is named Avogadro. Get this: Carbon’s favorite color is pink.

There is going to be sooo much pink in this generation.


If the first one is Carbon, this is Nitrogen. Nitrogen is a friendly virtuoso and her imaginary friend is named Nightingale. I like Nightingale better because of the stripes. Nitrogen’s favorite color is brown, which is nice because it isn’t pink.

I got the little pop-up saying I could age the older girls up, and I was like YES PLEASE. Four toddlers in the same house is not fun.


Beryllium ages up grumpy and therefore doesn’t look happy very often. To recap, she is good, grumpy, and a heavy sleeper.

Berry: I give my money to charity, but I know the world sucks so it won’t make a difference. Then I go to bed.


Boron is now a party animal, but she grew up with most of her needs in the red so she doesn’t look very party-happy right now.

Boron: I am hungry, tired, lonely, and about to pee my pants.


Berry only smiles when she climbs into her bunkbed.

Berry: My mattress is the only thing that make life good.


While the girls are trying to refill their needs and the adults are trying to take care of the new babies, Zhan is out interviewing.

Pauline: Okay, my name is Pauline Wan and I am twenty two years old. For real.


After things calm down, the girls chat for a bit because they’re both lonely. They can talk to each other from the bunks. So cute.


But pillow fights are more fun.


Can’t you at least TRY to look happy, Berry?

Berry: I would, but how can I be happy when there are kids who don’t even have pillows?


Let’s ignore Miss Grumpy-pants for now and watch Ellie read a bedtime story to Boron! So cute.


Lithium: Theo, I’m coming up! Red heart

She takes after her mother. Next time, the (other) twins will age up, and hopefully (not likely) one of the adults will fulfill their LTWs.


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