Double Trouble

Last time, Berry and Boron were born. Also, Lithium fulfilled her LTW.


Since the family is no longer dirt poor, Ellie goes out to buy the toddler skill books. Hopefully the kids in this generation will be able to start out with some art skills and we won’t have to wait so long for portraits in the future.


It looks like the police are having a stakeout of some sort near the theater, but it’s a pretty obvious one. There’s a police guy sitting in uniform on the bench, too.

That police cruiser is a different one from Zhan’s and just sat there. I’m going to have to check back later to see if it’s still there.


Ellie also sees a pregnant Bella, who married Malcolm instead of Mortimer. Poo.

Bella: I couldn’t marry Mortimer. He was always trying to block the entrance to the school so the nice little fairy boy couldn’t get in.


Ellie: I bought you books so you can grow up smart, Baby.


Jamar is indeed being passed from generation to generation at this point, and she/he/it got a snazzy new dress to match the room. Bear belongs to Boron, and Jamar belongs to toxic Beryllium.

Jamar: We shall continue the family tradition of KILL THEM ALL.


Zhan: Aw, who’s a cute baby?

Don’t inhale her, Zhan! And aren’t you too old to be wearing leather? Midlife crisis is one thing, but you’re almost an elder.

And where are the parents while you and Ellie take care of their kids?


Theo: I think we’re a little too close, babe.


They manage to pull themselves apart and watch the stars.

Theo: Hey, you wanna *whisper whisper*

Lithium: Now you’re thinking like a Mendeleev!

At this point I’d like to apologize to the guy who set up the periodic table for what my sims have done to his good name.


Ellie: Have a little tact, would you? There are kids around.

Pot, meet kettle. I think you were just calling the kettle black?


After… gardening… Lithium starts her own portrait.

Then it’s time for the twins to have their birthday party.


The party begins by Mulan getting on Arlo’s nerves, but she seems to get on everyone’s nerves with her lovely personality.


Lithium’s sister-in-law, Tonya, doesn’t seem to like Lithium too much.

Tonya: I freaking hate her.


Of course we had to invite Traci. I also like the guy in the tuxedo, Winston Landgraab. He wears it everywhere.


Zhan: Hon, your other kid is crying.

Lithium: I. KNOW. DAD.


Theo: Happy birthday, Boron! Yay!

Lithium: I’m tired, and if you don’t shut up right now, I’m going to snap and kill everyone in this house.

That’s how sim birthdays make me feel, too.


Here’s Berry. Her eyes are BAM enormous. At least, that’s how they look in CAS. She’s dressed in pink, which you’re going to have to get used to for this generation. Both of the girls like pink.


And here’s Boron. She has the same eyes as Berry, but neither of the parents have them. I think they come from Grandma Blair.


I thought Berry would be like a sleepy little angel with her traits, but I was wrong.


She seems to mellow out when she gets her food, though.


Boron: Hm. The essences of the different vegetables overlap and create a rich flavor experience. Is that a hint of strained peas I detect? What do you think, Berry?




I felt bad that my first picture of Boron was with cross-eyes, so here’s another one.


Ellie: Mr. Claw is gonna attack you!

Berry: Do. Not. Want.


It’s also Ellie’s birthday, but the twins were such hard work getting to the cakes that I couldn’t deal with Ellie right then. So she grows up alone in the middle of the night. Sorry Ellie.


This is what Ellie looks like as an old lady. I’d say she looks like a sweet old lady, but I would like it better if she was young because we are running out of time to get to promotions.


Theo and Lithium stay home (I switched Theo’s LTW to maxing handiness and logic) so they can take care of the babies.


And any babies that might exist in the near future.


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