Money, Money, Money

Lithium and Theo got married last time, and everyone stalked them during/after the wedding.


The first thing Theo does (besides a little gardening with his wife) is prove that he belongs in the legacy by using the chemistry table.


Lithium and Theo work fast, because Lithium spins into cute new Generations maternity the day after the wedding.


Lithium gets started on Helium’s portrait, finally. Yeah, you can’t actually tell that she’s painting in this picture. I actually took this pictuer because I want to to a face montage at the end of the legacy to that song that lists all of the elements (that had been discovered at the time of the song).


I think I’m going to miss Helium, even if he is fuzzy. He cleans things.


Theo: Hey, babe. Maybe we can go on vacation after the kids are born and I can start exploring tombs?

Lithium: You’re funny. I’m not going to spend money on trips when I’m so close to getting all of my money.


Mulan continues to skip school just about every day, and she’s failing.

Mulan: But I not like school.

Yeah, and you won’t like what the parents are going to do to you when he finds out you’re failing.


Luckily, Zhan and Ellie aren’t home and don’t find out. Zhan is at work still and Ellie is trying to get a promotion from her boss.

Don’t worry, she’s talking about actual gardening. I hope.


Ellie: I can haz promotion?

Arlo: No.

Maybe he would have said yes if she had actually offered to do a little gardening for him. Winking smile


Mulan has her birthday at the park because I don’t want the rest of the family to drop their things so they can cheer her on for an hour.


Mulan rolls the frugal trait, but it doesn’t matter because she leaves the household almost immediately.


Helium’s painting is finished so he might as well move out with her.


Helium: Bye! I’m off to become a doctor.

Mulan: I coming with you, Helium!


Ellie: Yeah, sure. Lithium’s having a baby!


I put together Helium’s exhibit but… his portrait disappeared. One minute, I was placing it on the wall. The next minute, it was gone. I looked through all of the inventories, and checked to see if it was just on the other side of the wall. Nope. Gone.


So Lithium has to invite him over and paint him. Again. Might as well make it a family reunion. Helium is ‘busy’ so he can’t come over right away, though.


Hydrogen shows up, though! And he’s in his formal wear!

Hydrogen: I wanted to get all dressed up because my family is important to me!


Hydrogen: You look a little funny, sis. Have you been drinking chemicals?

Lithium: No, silly! I’m pregnant!


Lithium: Wow. Speaking of pregnant, did you hear what happened with Dad and his ex-girlfriend?

Hydrogen: No, what?

Lithium: Well…


When Helium comes in, it’s getting late, so Zhan has him stay the night. That way, Lithium can take a nap and I won’t have to worry about him running away. It works like a charm, and Lithium gets set to paint another portrait of Helium.


Helium: Hey, how’s my portrait going?

Lithium: Can no one see that I am pregnant and going into labor?

 I have Zhan take her to the hospital and he actually ends up in the driver’s seat instead of the passenger seat, but…


Lithium: I’d rather give birth surrounded by trees and nature!


Here is Beryllium, a baby girl whose favorite color is pink. She’s good and a heavy sleeper. Her baby blanket has skulls on it because Beryllium is apparently really toxic.


And we have twins! Boron is also a girl who loves pink, which is exciting because I don’t have to worry about the girls being placed in the wrong color-coded cribs. Boron is excitable and artistic.

Lithium: But we can’t buy cribs and stuff until I get my 50,000…


Lithium: Wait… I sense a disturbance in my bank account. LTW achieved!

I sold the double beds so Lithium would reach her 50,000 simoleons.


Since the Mendeleev family is now rolling in money, I have fun decorating the babies’ room in pink. The panda bear has been creatively-named ‘Bear’.


The abbreviations and numbers don’t go over the wall where the babies will be sleeping. This way, I don’t have to worry about the girls being placed in the wrong cribs.


Potty, toy box, and costume chest. I plan on more thoroughly experimenting with the Generations toys when the kids get older. I’ll have more time, two kids that are the same age, and enough money to buy whatever I want to experiment with.


Lithium spends her points on two hover beds:

1) She owes her mom and dad because their bed was sold to complete her LTW.

2) I’ve decided that the hover bed is the official bed for Mendeleev heirs and heiresses.


And these are the official Mendeleev cooking appliances. I spent real money in the Sims Store for a set that only the Mendeleev family will probably end up using. Its my investment in the continuation of this family.


Helium’s second portrait has been finished, so next time Lithium will be working on her own portrait and the twins will be aging up!


4 thoughts on “Money, Money, Money

  1. “I put together Helium’s exhibit but… his portrait disappeared. One minute, I was placing it on the wall. The next minute, it was gone. I looked through all of the inventories, and checked to see if it was just on the other side of the wall. Nope. Gone.” This same exact thing happened to me just today! Except it was just a cute regular painting of a toad and not a portrait but I couldn’t find the bugger anywhere, not on the other side of the wall or in any inventories or anything. I noticed that I can’t hang a picture in that spot anymore either, it’s almost like the game thinks the picture is there but somehow invisible. . .confusing.

    Anyway, I’ve been reading your legacy for the past few days and finally caught up, love it so far! 🙂

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