Party All Night

Lithium is now head of the household, and the reign of Generation Two is underway.


Although Lithium and Mulan still don’t ‘like’ each other, their trying their (not so) hardest to get along.

Lithium: I heard you like parties, so you can come to my bachelorette party if you want. There will be food and stuff.

Mulan: I like food.

Lithium: I can tell.


So the party begins. The dress was ‘dress to impress’ and Mulan chose to wear her swimsuit on her own.

Mulan: Yeah, party!

Ellie: This is in my house, and I demand to be a part of it.


Lithium basically invited every female she could that wasn’t an elder, because she doesn’t really have friends other than Theo. I suck at socializing sims.

Funny thing is, you can’t invite teens because it’s not ‘age-appropriate’ but Lithium had the option to throw a bachelorette party back when she was a teen and first got engaged.


Lithium: Less talking, more ALCOHOL!


A topless dude showed up and said one of Lithium’s friends called him and told him to make the party wild. I wonder who called the dancer…


Mulan: Guilty.


And what party would be complete without a visit from Death himself?


Traci: Sorry I’m late. What did I miss?

Lithium: Um… fatality?

I could have sworn she wasn’t elder when I invited her.


Mulan: What? This not look like dancer I invite.


Mulan: Oh, here is dancer. But what you doing inside bathroom?


Lithium later decides to start flirting with the dancer, despite clearly stating she would kill Theo if he looked at another girl.

Lithium: What he doesn’t know can’t hurt him. Now, what’s your name, handsome?

Gustav: Gustav Gusto.

Lithium: Well, me gusta Señor Gusto.


Gustav: Well, you look as pretty as–

Lithium: You don’t flirt with me. I flirt with you.


Lithium later passes out because she’s exhausted, but the party is still going strong.


Lady: Hey, is that another dancer?

Traci: He can’t be. He has his shirt on.


Helium looks so cute in his formal wear, and he’s eyeing all of the ladies in the house. But I thought he was gay.

Helium: I only wear pink because you make me.

Oh, right.


Helium: Hey, Traci. Wanna go for a cruise, if you know what I mean?

Traci: No thanks.


Lithium: Um, maybe I shouldn’t get married to Theo..

Bathroom Bunny does not approve of this development.


Lithium manages to schedule the wedding, though, thanks to Bathroom Bunny’s… uh… loving gaze.

Bathroom Bunny can see into your soul.


I’m pretty proud of the wedding set up, actually.

Ellie: These chairs are cheap.


Lithium goes to bed so she’ll be well-rested for the wedding. She’s dreaming about…

Not you, too, Lithium.


Lithium: Hi, Mr. Wainwright. I’m the girl your son is going to marry.

Boyd: Why are you dressed like that?

Lithium: Because this is what I’m wearing to the wedding. Duh.

This is the one problem I have with insane sims.


I Master Controller’d the happy couple into proper wedding attire. This is my first legitimate wedding and it’s not going to be ruined by Lithium’s swim dress.


Wait, do we get a priest too? No, it’s just some creeper who couldn’t bother to sit with the rest of the audience.


Lithium: Theo, I’m so happy that we’re getting married.

Creeper: Hey, the bride’s pretty hot. Maybe if the marriage doesn’t work out…


Everyone: *ad lib about how beautiful the ceremony is, and about love and stuff*

Hydrogen: My baby sister is growing up! I feel like I was just changing her little diapers yesterday!


Zhan: *sigh* Remember, Theodore. I still have that Taser.


You may now kiss the bride and all of that other stuff.


Wedding cake time!


After the wedding, Lithium decides to ‘be frisky’ with Theo.

Theo: Love, the guests are still here.

Get used to it, Theo. The Mendeleev women just can’t control themselves.


Lithium: Now how to I take this stupid tuxedo off?


If you don’t remember from when Zhan questioned him, Theo is a genius, brave, easily impressed, and adventurous. His fifth trait is ‘never nude’ which Lithium will not be happy about. Theo’s LTW is to be an explorer, which I’m not going to start until after Lithium’s got her 50,000 simoleons.


Lithium: Ready for gardening?

Theo: What?

He’ll catch on soon.


Jamar: *sigh* Little Lithium’s all grown up. I raised her well.

Jamar! Stop being creepy!


Speaking of creepy, Traci is always the last one to leave after a party. And she always stays well into the next morning.

Traci: This party is so lame.

Lithium: It ended five hours ago.

Next time: is baby Beryllium on his/her way?


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